Things to consider when creating an epic games room


Given the trials and tribulations of everyday life and the various stresses that can occasionally take over, people everywhere look at ways to switch off and unwind when they return home. For many, while reading a good book or watching a Netflix show is the answer, gaming is the preferred option. Some people even go one step further and create a games room.

While you can play games in your bedroom, sometimes creating a designated space for gaming is the best thing to do. You can even use it to watch the aforementioned Netflix shows or read a book, with many homeowners striving to create a versatile space to enjoy when they want to. Whether you play Native American-themed games like Pragmatic Play’s Mystic Chief online or you prefer console games like God of War: Ragnarok, having a specific destination to enjoy your gaming adventures is definitely worth it, particularly if you’ve got a spare room in the house that is essentially empty space.

Creating an epic games room isn’t always easy, though. Thankfully, over the years, homeowners have shared their tips and advice on how to create the perfect setup. In order to help you get there, below is a look at some things to consider when designing your games room.

Optimize your space for multiple activities

As we’ve already touched on, while many people add a gaming space purely for virtual gaming escapades, playing video games isn’t always on the agenda. If you can’t get past a particular boss or you’re simply not in the mood for gaming, it’s good to have another spot you can rely on to watch a movie or to find a cosy corner to read a book. In order to achieve this, break your designated space up into zones, with each zone being suitable for different activities. For instance, a comfortable corner chair is perfect for reading, while a bistro table is ideal for playing board and card games.

Soundproof the room 

Particularly important for avid gamers, there is nothing worse than having to put a gaming session on hold due to outside annoyances. For some people, it might be traffic noise, while other gamers have noisy neighbors. To combat this common issue, installing soundproofing material is highly recommended. Cork, rubber and certain fabrics are capable of stopping most noises, while soundproof doors are also worth considering.

Ambient lighting is key

Ambient lighting is key

A key ingredient in any games room, lighting is worth putting some serious thought into. For many people, ambient lighting is the preferred option as having the opportunity to dim lights during a gaming adventure or a poker game with friends is handy. Providing low-level and consistent lighting in the room is important, with dimmable lightbulbs helping to achieve such a feel. A few lamps and spotlights can also spruce up a gaming space.

Choose the perfect furniture

Another aspect of any games room design that needs to be considered is the type of furniture you’re able to fit into the room, particularly given the various activities you’re likely to enjoy in there alongside your gaming marathons. For gamers, though, there must be room for a gaming desk and a comfortable chair, while storage for wires and additional accessories is also important. If you’re going to be using your space for other activities, you’ll need to snap up your pieces of furniture accordingly. Furniture really can make or break a space of this type.

Also consider adding game shelves, using games as decor, adding trunks for storage, purchasing a mini fridge, creating a bar, and setting up a projector.

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