“Time Tracking” and “Time and Attendance Software”— What’s the Difference?


Time tracking softwares allow you to keep track of your employee productivity. These cover several features such as the employees time of entering and leaving, location-based monitoring, GPS tracking, etc. All these features given by the Workforce Management Software keep the record of all the company employees and can make workforce management a piece of cake.

Time tracking software is of various types. You may have heard of some, although, they all sound kind of the same. Some of them are:

All of these work almost identical, but time and attendance softwares are a little different and unique. Some elementary variances lie between time tracking software and time and attendance software.

Time tracking software

Usually, companies need to keep a track of time for their projects to know how much time a task takes to complete. In addition, they have a target of orders that they have to reach on time. Through time tracking software they get an insight on whether their projects are profitable and if their assigned task is on time or running behind schedule.

Sometimes, industries need time-tracking software to keep a check on their employees. It is because some companies pay their workers hourly; besides these, some people who work privately charge hourly too. This time can only be tracked accurately by the time tracking software. Hence, these types of softwares are beneficial for both client and seller.

Time and attendance software

You may remember time clocks that worked by inserting punch cards inside them. Time clocks are used to stamp in or out times on your card. Its primary purpose was to note the timings of an employee entering and leaving the office. Some places like educational institutes still use biometric time clocks for the attendance of students. These include fingerprints, face recognition, or maybe palm scan. However, despite their popularity, time clocks today are replaced by softwares, applications, and sensors.

Most of the firms use time and attendance software to pay their hourly workers for their work. Such softwares and applications are helpful and accurate in keeping an eye on the timing and attendance of every worker. Usually, hourly-paid workers are required in manufacturing, retail, food service, distribution, and packaging industries but it doesn’t matter what kind of work the company does; attendance and time are always a must.

What Software is Better to Use for Your Business?

You might be confused between time tracking and time and attendance software. There is no need to worry; the answer is quite simple. You should go with what matches your needs. Time and attendance softwares are enhanced and have more features than time tracking software as it not only tracks time but daily attendance and weekly reports too.

So, if your organization needs to track the daily attendance, time and location of every employee working there, you must go for time and attendance software. But if you only care about working hours regardless of the regularity of the worker, then you can also use time tracking software. Nonetheless, We hope this article was of great help and aids you to choose between time tracking and time and attendance application well.

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