Tips For A Successful Visa Application


If you’re moving abroad, are planning to study in a foreign country, or are visiting for a holiday, there is a good chance you would need a visa. Visas are granted based on the reasons for travel. Students cannot apply for tourist visas, and immigrants cannot apply for student visas. If you want to apply for a visa, you should submit an online application to the embassy or consulate of the destination country.

Most people wishing to travel abroad require a visa for travel, and without a valid visa and passport, you may be stopped at immigration. To avoid unnecessary legal hassles and get all the documentation and paperwork, you should hire an immigration lawyer from London and plan your visit to the States in advance. Speaking to an immigration lawyer and having all the steps and issues taken care of beforehand will expedite your visa process.

To travel to the US, you would need a valid US visa, which can only be granted after finishing all the steps like application, biometrics, and interview.

Let us look at a few tips for a successful visa application.

Early Application

Applying for your visa early on ensures that you have enough time to get all the documentation ready. Most people scramble around to get all the paperwork in order and yet make mistakes during application. An early application ensures you will reduce errors and incomplete information. It will also ensure that you do not have documents missing during the final step.

Since most applications are made online, you will need enough time on hand to gather all the papers, scan them, and then upload them to your visa account. You should double-check the process and have the soft copies of all documents ready alongside the hard copies. These documents will get verified by the visa officer during your interview. Ideally, you should submit your application three to four months before your departure date. If there are any missing documents, the embassy will send you an email asking for further proof or supporting evidence.

Authentic Documents

You should check the validity of your passport before applying. Most countries do not grant visas to people with passports expiring in six calendar months. If your passport is expiring soon, you should get it renewed before applying and carry forward any existing visas. Most visa officers also check for past travel history. If you can show travel history with valid documents, there is a chance you will be looked upon favourably, since you have returned to your home country each time.

When you are submitting documents for a visa application, only upload authentic documents. Do not edit or doctor the records since there will be a background check. Submitting fake documents may get you permanently banned from travel and may result in fraud. You should follow each set of instructions before finalising the documents and not offering any unnecessary paperwork since doing this can lengthen the visa process and delay your travel date.

Clear Travel Purpose

Most people are clear about their travel purpose. Like we mentioned earlier, each visa type and category is different. You should carefully consider the visa category before applying. A good immigration lawyer will help with that. In all visa application forms, you are always asked about the purpose of your visit. If you do not have clarity on your purpose of visit, your visa may get rejected.

You will also need to submit all the supporting documents for your visa purpose. If you are going on holiday, you should have tentative dates blocked, holding on to some travel bookings and airline tickets. Submitting this evidence will show the visa officer that you are sure about your travel and return dates and will not become an illegal immigrant in the country. The same rules apply to students. As a student, you would need to show supporting evidence that you plan to return to your home country after your education.

Financial Proof

Proof of funds is another critical area for visa approval or rejection. Your bank account, fixed deposit statements, bank statements, bank certificates, or other supporting financial evidence must show that you have the funds to support your trip. Visa immigration officers not only see that your bank account has a substantial amount. They also check that you have a steady cash flow or income.

Students can also show student loan documents that have been approved by registered financial institutions in their home country. The total amount should also include living expenses and emergency travel funds. You would also need to show travellers insurance and Mediclaim, or a student health cover.

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