Tips for creating YouTube videos

YouTube has over 1.9 billion active monthly users who watch a billion hours of YouTube content every day, making it the ultimate platform to post videos. In today’s world, every person is attracted either towards watching YouTube content or making one. It is undoubtedly a fun and interactive hobby, which has the potential to turn into a good profession. A YouTube content creator makes thousands of dollars a day.

However, making YouTube videos is not as easy as it sounds. There are hours of new content uploaded on YouTube every minute. So, it’s hard work to deliver quality content every time, entertain people, increase views and become a successful YouTuber. Therefore, learning everything about how to make YouTube videos is essential. There are several video-making apps and online tools that can help you make videos. InVideo is a video making tool that can help you create, edit and upload your videos easily and effectively.

1. Plan your videos

Before creating any video, you need to understand and decide what kind of video you want to make for your audience. The video can be related to entertainment, an argument about something or anything that educates people. Whatever your niche is, try making your content exciting and engaging, to increase views on your videos. In fact, YouTube videos must be relatable and simple; the more the audience will relate, the more they will want to watch. As you know, being successful in YouTube is a long process; you should be consistent with your content. So, make sure there is enough material for your niche to make quality videos.

2. Know your target audience

One of the essential aspects of learning how to create YouTube videos is knowing your target audience. If you know your target audience, it will help you choose the type of video you should make. Choose the audience with whom you can relate, so that you can figure out what kind of content can entertain your audience.

3. Get the right equipment

Using your smartphone to make your YouTube videos is undoubtedly acceptable, but if you want maximum viewers to like your content, you will need the right equipment. Most YouTubers use a DSLR along with lenses, tripods, etc. to shoot their videos. Many travel-related YouTubers use an action camera with a monopod, in order to keep their video stable as they always move or walk.

4. Sound

However, good video quality is not enough for a YouTube video; the audio quality is equally important. Poor audio quality can ruin the whole video, and the viewers may also lose interest quickly. So, you will also need a good microphone for your YouTube videos.

5. Lighting

Video lighting is the key element to make your video more beautiful. It does make a big difference in how you and your video looks. You really need to understand lighting to get the maximum effect because it is a mixture of art and science.

6. Write script for your video

You will always need a good script for making an exciting and informative video and also help you stay focused. Plan your visuals that you want in your video. You can either write the whole script or you can just write the points you wish to include in your video.

7. Recording the video

Although you know what exactly you want to do, you still need to rehearse your content multiple times before recording it. While rehearsing, you can change a few parts of the script if needed and make it more perfect. After everything is done, finally you can start recording your video. Always film extra footage for your video because later you can include them to fill gaps if needed. In addition to this, you must speak clearly and keep it simple for viewers to understand. Last but not least, don’t forget to ask your viewers to like, subscribe and comment on your video.

8. Video editing

Video editing is one of the vital jobs of your whole video-making journey. Moreover, it is definitely a creative job with the most fun and most time-consuming part of the process. In editing, you can trim the mistakes or unwanted content from your video, synchronizes your sound, add intros, etc. You can also add some effects like add image, clips, sounds, colors or add small animations to add visual interest to your videos. Above all, don’t make a too-long video if not needed. If your video is not entertaining or engaging, your viewers may lose interest easily. Try keeping it shorter, informative and exciting for your viewers.

9. Descriptive title

In order to keep your video more visible for your audience, consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and provide it with a descriptive title that viewers are likely to search the most. Your title should have keywords or phrases related to your topic and add relevant tags to put your video under multiple categories. Don’t forget to fill the description box with helpful information and links that you didn’t include in the video.

10. Upload your video

After you have finished your masterpiece, now you can upload your first YouTube video. You need to have an account on YouTube, for that, you just need to login to YouTube with a verified email address. However, if you want to increase your views and subscribers, you need to upload more and more videos on a regular basis so that people can watch them. Plan a schedule to upload videos and stick to that schedule so that viewers can know when to come back to your YouTube channel.

11. Communicate

At some point in time, you will definitely get subscribers on your YouTube channel, and you will receive lots of comments from viewers. You must read the comments and communicate with your viewers through the comment section. By doing this, it will help your subscribers and other viewers learn more about you and give you inspiration for new content ideas.

As you know, YouTube is a vast platform with millions of content. So, to become a successful YouTuber, you will need to create quality content and remove anything that does not contribute to making your video better. You need to be very selective with your content and choose the best footage to keep your viewers engaged throughout the video.