Tips for Selling Your House During the Pandemic


Selling your house can be a struggle, especially when you lack the know-hows. Even for a good season, it can still be hard. What more during a pandemic? With properties increasing in prices scaring buyers, multitudes of people pulling out their houses, and the new trends in the market due to the coronavirus, there’s a lot more you should learn if you want to sell your home. So, if you need to sell your house quickly, selling to Cash Homebuyers is the best option. It is the most efficient, practical, and stress-free method of selling a home.

Thankfully, the panic of the pandemic has started to go down during the early months, and a lot more sellers and buyers are slowly starting to flood into the market. That said, if you’re thinking about selling your house soon, then there are many things you should know about to be efficient in the market and get a buyer as soon as possible.

Luckily for you, there are proven ways to efficiently sell your house during these trying times.

Use the Technology

During the start of the onslaught of the pandemic last year, technology has been seen more at the forefront of many aspects of life. From education to business, technology has been very helpful. That said, you can also use the available technology in a house sale.

Of course, when buying a house, a buyer would be interested in looking at the house in person. However, with the virus still on the streets, it’s still pretty much scary. With that in mind, virtual house tours are the answer.

You can record and post a video of your house tour online where potential buyers can see it easily. Not only that, but you should also be ready to do a live stream on any platform all the time as potential buyers would most likely demand it. There are many platforms you can do a live stream on, like YouTube, Facebook, and Tiktok.

Of course, virtual tours are not the thing that technology can do in a house sale. One thing it can also do is to help you review all of your offers. Since you can’t personally meet with your agent during the pandemic, you can do a video call with your agent in Google Hangouts or Zoom so you can see the offers together.

Not only that, but you can also use technology for document signing. Fortunately, 23 states have already allowed document signing with the two parties in separate locations.

Keep Your Eyes on the Current Market Trends

The housing market is known for its unpredictability. This is especially true during the pandemic, where it’s more volatile and more prone to change. That said, there are current trends in the housing market today that you should keep your eye on. One of these is about remote work. Keep in mind that even though much of the population have already been vaccinated and are free to move, remote work is not going away any time soon.

And with remote work not going away, the increase in the housing demand will also not go down. This is especially true because many companies are not planning to take away remote work as it increases productivity in the workforce.

Another thing you should keep in mind is preferences in the housing market. Due to the pandemic, many families have transferred to remote areas and rural areas to leave behind the city. However, now that much of the population has been vaccinated and the fear of the coronavirus has significantly decreased, experts suggest that more families would be going back to the cities soon, potentially increasing the demand for properties in the urban areas.

Keep an Eye on the Demand

The housing market right now is a seller’s market. And with the population being freer to move, expect properties to be sold quickly. Not only that, but as mentioned earlier, the demand is increasing, which means that prices will also increase. In fact, the median housing price in South California is continuing to increase. That said, you should expect the same thing to happen in other places too. Fortunately, it started  early this season, the number of price reductions goes up around July 4th and continues to do so as of writing.

Another thing is that even though people are freer to check out the house in person, 79% of Americans still prefer to see a virtual tour of your home. That said, the demand can be applied to houses and how people want to see the house itself.

Final Thoughts

As a seller, you should always expect the unexpected in the market. It’s volatile and can change in a matter of hours. This is especially true as more and more COVID-19 variants are surfacing, which can quickly change the market. Always be on high alert, not just on the virus but on the market as well.

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