Tips on Things You Cannot Do in New York City

When travelling to a new city or state, one of the most important things to remember is to take notes of the things to not do in the state. Different cultures and communities may be following different practices compared to where you are coming from. In order to abide by that, you must abstain from certain things while doing the others to make your tour a great one. This would also give a gesture of respect towards the community where you are going.

The “City That Never Sleeps” inhabits millions of people from a diverse range of cultures but even then, there are some ground rules that should be considered before going to New York. The following article will focus on some of the things which you should be avoiding in New York City. Make sure to read it till the end so that you don’t miss any important tip.  Learn more about NYC’s massive role in the Golden age of the television. Visit New York’s Starring Role in the Golden Age of Television – A Tale of Innovation and Influence

Standing in the Middle of a Sidewalk

If you are in New York and standing in the middle of a sidewalk, there is a high chance that you might be called out by someone in a disrespectful manner to move away. New Yorkers simply hate that people stand in the middle of a sidewalk to block the way. The situation usually gets worse in the case when there is a group of people rather than one particular person. Meanwhile, you can also click the given link to check out the best online casinos in the United States.

Usually, this happens when one person or a group of people is staring at a building or view in New York and are often indulged in taking pictures. New Yorkers believe that even if the tourists are amazed at the tall skyscrapers, they should step aside rather than stand in the middle and block the way of other people. This is because many other people might be in a hurry to travel and you could be a major obstruction to that.

Leaning on Subway Poles

The city of New York is a big metropolis and has a well-connected underground train system which connects the citizens to different parts of the city. However, managing the subway rules accordingly is a key responsibility which must be fulfilled by the travelers. One of the main things to avoid in the New York City Subway is to avoid leaning on the poles that are usually there for the assistance of the travelers.

Due to COVID-19, one must take extra care of this due to personal reasons. If you are riding in a subway, you can hold on to the poles with your hand so as to make way for others as well to hold on to it. Leaning on it will not only disrupt your position in case a person walks by or if there is a sudden braking to the train. If you lean on to the pole, you will just be causing inconvenience for others so avoid that at all costs.

Don’t Skip Subway Fare

Another one of the most important tips while you enjoy your stay in New York is that you must never try to avoid or skip the subway fare. Many adventure seekers tend to do that by jumping over the ticket checking machine especially at odd times when there is no one stationed at the booth. However, to avoid a small amount of $2.75 in the form of a ticket, there is a large fine of $100 for jumping over the installed booths.

Many different jumpers have been arrested and had to spend a night in jail along with the payment of fine. Therefore, avoid this at all costs so that there is no chance that you leave any kinds of negative memories behind. And you can also read here some of the most comprehensive reviews about online slots for real money in Canada.

Don’t Dress Oddly

Despite being home to a large number of inhabitants, there are certain aspects about New York in the dressing which you should try to follow in the best possible manner. Citizens around here do not dress much fancy unless there is an occasion otherwise a simple clothing is usually preferred. If you specifically dress as a tourist such as by wearing a shirt saying, “I Love New York”, you might feel odd and will not be able to blend in with the locals easily.

The best part is the simplicity and we would certainly not suggest you wear any kinds of tourist clothes. Try wearing jeans and avoid sweatpants. Both casual and formal shirts would appear just fine as long as they are not becoming over funky.

Eat Somewhere New

In your home country, you might be having a McDonalds, a KFC, Subway, Burger King, or any of the other fast food chains that are also present in New York. However, it is suggested to not eat any food items from these places. In fact, restrict yourself to live the New York experience by trying out the local cuisine rather than the one that you might find at home as well. If you are so fond of chain restaurants, try out those which are only available in New York.

Try out the street cart food and other local items rather than the same fancy dishes which you can easily get at your home as well. This will add more to your trip and not make it appear boring. The Williamsburg Food Market is one of the places you can visit to take a sample of many local cuisines.

Do not just roam around in the Day

The city is called “The City that Never Sleeps” for a particular reason. Many tourists in New York tend to visit all the major attractions such as Empire State Building, Times Square, and other famous places throughout the day. However, many of these different viewpoints have their own night life as well as scenic views. If you are going to New York, you should not only spend the day out but also visit some famous places at nighttime.

In case you have booked a place for the nighttime, make sure you have sufficient time before leaving from your place. This is because the night traffic is often high, particularly at weekends or special events. You may want to avoid that if you want to reach your destination on time.

Do not just roam around in the Day

Falling for a Scam

Being a large city, scams are somehow inevitable to be controlled and stopped completely. Although one may take action against a scam by calling the relevant police control center, many times people tend to simply fall for it. Scammers are roaming around everywhere in New York which are trying to grab your money through a range of tricks.

One of the most common and rapidly rising ones is where a man in a proper suit comes and asks you whether you could spare some minor change for his train ticket as he has left his wallet somewhere else. Due to the physical appearance and proper dress up, people tend to spare their change. Most of these demands are just scams used to gain money from people.

Miss your Sneakers

In the list of things, you cannot do in New York City, missing your sneakers is one of the most important ones. Make sure that whenever you are coming to New York, you do have your pair of sneakers. Other types of boots such as loafers or highly formal shoes might not be suitable for routine walking which is highly popular in different parts of New York City. Sneakers would provide a comfortable experience to the users which is why they should be worn.

Just as an extra, one can always keep other types of shoes such as formal ones, sandals, and casual shoes but missing out on sneakers is something that you cannot afford to do in New York City.

Miss your Sneakers

Don’t Walk Slowly on Left Side of Escalator

People in New York are always in a hurry be it via walking, driving, or simply going up the escalators. Many people tend to rush on the escalators which is why you should either walk fast when on the left side or you should step aside so that those who are in a major hurry could easily go.

Not only is this rule applicable in escalators but also in the case of walking pedestrians. One of the common rules followed in New York City is that whenever you are in a hurry, you can make your way by calling out in which direction you are coming from so as to get the way from others. For example, one might say “On your Left” if he is coming from the left side so that the pedestrian moves to the right side a bit.


Although, being a city where people belong from multiple cultures and communities, there are still some restrictions and limitations when it comes to New York City. The above-mentioned tips might help you in having an ideal trip in the city. In case you plan on living longer, they will help you to settle down and adjust in the city.