Tips to Improve Your Bathroom if You Have Limited Space


It’s frustrating if you want to improve your house, but you don’t have enough space. When you look at your bathroom, it doesn’t look comfortable at all. It’s the place where you can relax and be away from everyone else. You want to have a bigger bathroom. If you can’t do it since you reside in a huge city with limited spaces, these tips will help you.

Remove unnecessary things

You might not have a tiny bathroom, but it feels that way because you have too many things inside. You need to identify the items that have to go. Once you empty your bathroom, it’s easier to decide how to maximize the space. 

Choose a minimalistic approach

After cleaning and emptying the bathroom, you can look for design inspirations following a minimalistic approach. It allows you to get what you need and not overwhelm the bathroom. It looks relaxing, clean, and perfect for relaxation.

Paint a sky mural 

When you look up, it would be nice if there’s a sky mural. It tricks your brain that there’s no boundary between your house and the sky. It makes the room look bigger than it is. Imagine relaxing in a tub while looking up to that mural. You will feel even more relaxed. 

Get a small bathroom vanity

Vanity furniture comes in different sizes. You need one that is a perfect fit for your bathroom. Avoid furniture that is too big compared to the available space. Instead, consider a small vanity. The good thing about vanity is that it keeps everything you need in one place. Your bathroom won’t look messy anymore. Sometimes, you can’t even find your toiletries as they’re all over the place. The vanity holds things together and creates a more spacious bathroom. If you have other storage ideas that would work given the space you have, you can try them too.

Use shower enclosures

Choose clear shower enclosures since they separate the shower room from the rest of the toilet, without making it feel smaller. Enclosures will help you relax when bathing. They also make you feel isolated. You can forget things worrying you for a while since no one can disturb you. There are excellent options at if you need one now. 

Install diagonal tiles 

The good thing about using diagonal tiles is that the focus moves away from the limited bathroom area. It looks appealing, but it also makes the room look bigger. You can choose from different tile designs to elevate the appearance of your bathroom. 

There’s nothing you can do if you live in a big city where real estate costs are too high. You can’t even remodel your bathroom and expand the area since there’s no more space left. With these tips, you can improve the bathroom and make it relaxing. You will feel more excited to go to the bathroom and bathe after doing these changes. It feels like a spa that can help you stay calm.

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