Top 10 New York Based Influencers and Bloggers

New York City is known for its fashion sense. Not only that it is one of the most happening cities in the world. In fact, it is known as the city that never sleeps. With so much going on a daily basis, it is hard to keep up with everything. Fortunately, there are thousands of influencers and bloggers who share and review places to eat and shop, etc., and even can tell you who is the best online essay writer for students looking to get academic help. Since influencers and bloggers have a reasonable fan base, followers always expect new and unique content. So if you are looking to follow some of the best in the business, do consider the following. Also, if you are looking for an expert maker of custom wall art for your home, contact prints4sure.

Top Food Bloggers

No left overs

Run by Jackie Gebel, noleftovers is a food photography page based in NYC. Even though Jackie is based in NYC but she travels the world regularly and has posted food content and photography from other countries as well. She has been to Japan, Bali, and Israel, etc. Furthermore, she also shares her recipes from time to time. Her Instagram page is full of food content ranging from cheeseburgers to pasta dishes and much more. As we speak, she has around 365K Instagram followers making her stand at the top of the list. 

Food and city

Foodandcity is yet Instagram food blog run by Jared Zuckerman. Jared shares content related to food, drinks, and culinary events taking place in NYC but also passionately puts up content related to Austin, Texas. Moreover, he is also passionate about helping businesses to grow through social media marketing. On the page, you will find a lot of indulgent eats such as chicken wings, burritos, wings, and mac and cheese. Therefore, if you are in search of treats, then this is the page to follow. At the moment, Jared has 77K Instagram followers mostly based in the US.

Hungry betches

Initiated by Michele Mansoor, hungrybetches is an Instagram food blog that features all types of unthinkable food items available in New York City, particularly the sweet ones. In addition to that, she also shares her own recipes. Since there are a lot of options when it comes to sweet dishes in NYC, do not be surprised if you are confused everytime. Hungrybetches will make sure that you get your hands on the right sweet dish everytime. With an impressive 275K Instagram followers, hungrybetches is one of the top food bloggers based in NYC.

The sweet life of lina

Thesweetlifeoflina is based in New York and has featured foods from other restaurants as well based in Beirut, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. Not only is Lina a food blogger and enthusiast but also an eye doctor, which means that she targets only high-end eats and nice sit-down restaurants and venues. Her page is followed by around 48k followers that are mostly based in the United States. 

Eating nyc

Run by Alexa Meharban, eatingnyc is a New York-based Instagram food blog. Launched in 2014, her page has ballooned to around 324k followers and is used to share dining experiences with her followers. Furthermore, she also recommends food destinations along the way. You will find all sorts of foods on her page ranging from healthy to unhealthy dishes. In addition to that, she has also worked with many restaurants and local eateries as well, etc. 

Top Fashion Bloggers

Courtney and Kelly-Mimosas & Manhattan

Talking about beauty and fashion, Mimosas & Manhattan is a fashion blog run by two cousins who have taken Brooklyn and NYC by storm. They feature a spunky and cool attitude that is a killer combination. Despite the fact that both are cousins but they post content separately as well to highlight their distinctive styles. Their crisp and colorful photos are bound to make you follow them. 

Mustafa Kacar-Astute Attire

Even though almost everyone could be seen walking in NYC wearing blazers and suits but there are hardly some that can carry such fashion style. Mustafa Kacar is one of those who wears a suit and a tie and walks casually through the streets of NYC with ease as if there is no problem. Not only that, his classic moc boots and flannel coats are a treat to the eyes. When it comes to shopping, eating, and even finding the best espresso in town, Mustafa is your man. You will also find him supporting the most dapper menswear brands. 

I am Galla

Adam Gallagher is the man when it comes to spreading awareness about East Coast and West Coast fashion. If you are not aware, both East Coast and West Coasts possess a different fashion sense. However, for Adam, it does not end there. His wow-factor comes from an array of impressive high-end suits that he has no problems showing off. You will find him traveling the world as well and posting fashion content apart from the traditional NYC fashion pictures. If you are following him, you are assured to catch a glimpse of the trendiest threads in places like Japan and Kenya as well.

One Dapper Street

Marcel Floruss’s is one of the NYC influencers Instagram who impresses the followers with his One Dapper Street and for all the right reasons. Hailing from Germany, the guy has an incredible eye for style and has also been called the “most fashionable man on the planet”. He makes sure that he covers all the fashion angles, which makes him an excellent all-rounder. 


Guerreisms is a fashion blog run by Karl-Edwin Guerre and happens to be one of the top names when it comes to New York’s Fashion scene. Perhaps the best thing about Guerre’s site is that it shares and shows off things that can be worn on a daily basis. You will find everything from dressing for special events to everyday dressing. If you are following the page/site for the latest NYC fashion sense, you are guaranteed to impress everyone as soon as you walk out of the house. 

Final Word

Since New York is known as the city that never sleeps, influencers and bloggers work round the clock to post and share unique content everytime. Moreover, the fashion scene of New York is versatile and the food scene quite unique as well. It can be hard to keep up with the new and that is why it is suggested to follow the above-mentioned influencers and bloggers to stay alert of the latest New York trends.