Top 10 Residential Buildings in New York City


New York City is known throughout the world for its beautiful skyscrapers. The amazing part about the buildings of New York is the fact that many of them are residential. So, they are not only there to look and awe for, but people can actually live there. The best of the residential buildings in New York are mentioned below: 

The Woolworth Tower Residences

The Woolworth Tower Residences

This beautiful man-made creation is not just a pretty tower to look at, but also home to a lot of families. Shining in the heart of New York, this building is located in Broadway Manhattan. This amazing residential building has a total height of 792 feet. With 60 stories, the Woolworth Building is definitely a tall one. One might have to raise their head to have a full look at this tower. Out of 60 floors, 53 floors are used for residential purpose. While the other floors are reserved for mechanical purposes. Above the 53rd floor, the tower tapers down, forming a pyramidal roof that gives this tower its signature look. 

Along with the superb apartments, it also provides some facilities for the owners, including a swimming pool in the basement. All in all, this building is a spectacular example of modern architecture. 

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With a height of 381 meters, 53W53, also known as 53 West 53rd Street and MoMa Expansion Tower, has got a wow-factor to it. Even though this skyscraper is included in the residential buildings, it is used for multiple functions. 

This building has an amazing gallery space, beautiful condominiums, and a fantastic private restaurant. It contains a total of 145 condos, and their living space ranges from 1 to 5 bedrooms. 

This building is included in the list of the most beautiful buildings in the entire world. It is the 7th tallest building in New York City. The top floor of the tower features a duplex penthouse that is simply the most beautiful thing ever. 

Another attraction of West 53 is that it is situated over MoMa. The residents of the building get free tickets to the museum and other facilities, including exhibition previews, discounts in MoMa stores, and access to film screenings. People who strive to get an amazing life will definitely find this skyscraper as a dream come true.

432 – Park Avenue

This ultimate 85-floor tall skyscraper is a true heaven on earth for anyone who likes to live a luxurious life. 432- Park Avenue is not something everyone can own but the people who do, swear by it. This amazing building features 125 condominiums with spectacular interior and beautiful views. 

It does not only provide a posh lifestyle to its residents but also facilitates them with splendid amenities, including a private restaurant where they can enjoy and relax within the vicinity of their homes. 

The total height of the building is 436 meters, and when you look from the top of the building, it feels like you’re touching the sky.

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56 Leonard Square

This fantastic 57-story skyscraper that looks like Jenga, located in the heart of Manhattan, is truly one of a kind. It is not some ordinary building with condos that are simply luxurious, but indeed a dream come true for the locals who can afford. Every single person in New York, who looks at this beautiful architecture, aspires to get his own condo in the building. 

The incredible thing about these condos is that there are floor-to-ceiling window walls made of glass, enhancing one’s luxurious living experience. These windows give the most spectacular views of Manhattan and add a wow factor to the whole vibe of the building. 

Out of the 57 floors that this building has, two floors are booked for the amenities that this residential building offers. The facilities include a giant 75-foot pool, a private dining room, a 25-seat cinema, and a children’s playroom. The building also has a generator system so that its residents get the utmost comfort and relaxation. 

35 Hudson Yards

Located at the 11th avenue of West 30th Street, the 35 Hudson Yards is a masterpiece to look at. The total height of this building is 308 meters, with the most beautiful tower on the top. Moreover, this building is included in the top-most attractions of Manhattan.

Other than being a residential building, this skyscraper is used for multiple other purposes as well. Some of the amenities of Hudson Yards include a hotel, a sky lobby, a spa, and even a ballroom. In addition to this, 35 Hudson Yards also has some medical offices within the building so that the residents won’t have to deal with the hassle of going to a hospital in case of emergency. 

With everything in one place, this building is as good as it can get. 

Plaza Hotel

Plaza Hotel

Anyone who even has the slightest idea of New York’s amazing architecture will surely know the Plaza Hotel and its glory. Plaza Hotel is like the queen of all the buildings that America has ever produced, and it was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1986 for its lavish architecture. Even though it is more commonly famous for its hotel, The Plaza is also a residential building. It has a total of 182 private condominiums, and people usually buy them for investments rather than for living purposes.

This building provides its residents with grand facilities, including access to its amazing hotel, beautiful restaurants, a spa center, nanny services, limousine services, a fitness center, and the service of a private butler.

The houses of The Plaza simply have no parallel. They come with beautiful interiors, and even the kitchen tops are crafted with stone. In short, The Plaza has some of the most amazing condos in the entire world that are worth every penny.

111 Murray Street

This 792-ft long building of Murray Street, formerly known as 101 Murray Street or 101 Tribeca, is located in the center of Midtown Manhattan, close to the Battery Park. It features 156 luxurious condominiums, and each of those provides its owners with the jaw-dropping views of New York City.

The building is surrounded by the famous skyscrapers of the city. It is the third tallest building in the area, with the same height as the Woolworth Building. From the vicinity of this skyscraper, you can also see The Plaza, which is the most famous hotel/residential building of New York.

Keeping everything in view, including its architecture, facilities, and all the luxuries, one can say that this building is one of the greatest residential spaces in America.

165 Charles Street

Charles Street is commonly famous for its reasonable prices and 1 to 2 bedroom rentals. But Richard Meier’s sixteen-story 165 Charles Street is a luxury in disguise. This beautiful condo building has all the amenities a person can ever wish for. The services provided by the building include a 55-foot infinity-edge lap pool that is a glory for the people living there. It also features a lounge, a private cinema, a wine cellar, and a beautiful garden terrace. There is also an amazing art fitness center within the apartments. 

From the condos, the residents can glare at the views of the city from the floor-to-ceiling 11ft high windows. The views of the Hudson River and the amazing facilities that this building offers make it stand out from most other residential buildings in New York City. From the gateman to the high-level luxuries, this place has every comfort a person can look for in residence.

One Waterline Square

The One Waterline Square, a $2.3 billion luxury condominium and rental, is one of the three buildings from Project Waterline. This project has three towers with residencies that offer all sorts of apartments. This specific building is located near the Hudson River on the upper west side of New York. It comprises 272 units. Out of these 272 units, 56 are condos while the rest 216 are rentals. It is a 12-story tall tower with a sail-shaped extension. 

The exterior of this masterpiece reflects its surroundings. The east side has a glass exterior to complement the Hudson River, and the west side is designed to match the powerhouse that it faces with the grayscale-toned exterior. For anyone who is into reasonable but beautiful residential place to live, this building is a match made in paradise.

Trump International Hotel and Tower 

Trump International Hotel and Tower 

Owned and designed by President Trump himself, Trump International Hotel and Tower is a great attraction for people of America. This 44 stories high building has a total of 200 units that are used as condos by the general population. 

This sky-high tower (177.6 meters tall) is located at 1 Central Park on the West side of Manhattan. This masterpiece is more famous for its hotel services even though the condominiums are popular as well. 

The most interesting thing about its exterior is that it features a globe on the front side of the building that looks exquisite. The glass exterior gives this already-amazing architecture a modern touch. It also witnesses the art of architecture and attention to detail that was put to mesmerize. 


All the above mentioned are some of the best residential buildings in New York City. Tourists from all over the world come to have a look at these sky-high buildings. These buildings are admired and appreciated by their residents. If you also aspire to have a posh life, and you want to invest in a living space, then these buildings will definitely catch your attention.

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