Top 5 Best AK-47 Skins for CS:GO


The good old AK-47 assault rifle is the most popular in the CS:GO shooter. It’s no surprise that everyone wants to find beautiful AK skins to make their favorite rifle even cooler, brighter, and more interesting. You can, of course, play with the stock one, but it gets boring very quickly. Especially when guys run around with Asiimovs, Fuel Injectors, and even the simplest Emerald.

We decided to pick the five most relevant and recognizable skins that every second player wants for themselves. Let’s say right away that the selection is just a subjective overview, arranged by random.

From Minimalism to Avant-Garde

Is there a single standard for skins for CS:GO? No. Some like geometric lines, others prefer gradients, while the rest want to see the full picture on the gun. You can’t please everyone, so we tried to highlight the most relevant from the current collections so that no one is left deprived.

1. Asiimov

We have never seen this beautiful weapon deprived of attention. It always appears at the top of different rankings, although there seems to be nothing unusual about it. The white, black, and orange colors are extremely successfully combined here, intertwining with each other with geometric patterns.

The assault rifle has no factory parts and the entire body has a characteristic “broken” texture, which is perfectly visible amongst the crowd. One minus: the owner of the weapon can be seen across almost the entire map.

2. Aquamarine Revenge

We couldn’t help but include this assault rifle in the top of the most beautiful skins for AK-47. The creator decorated the body with orange stylized dolphins against the background of turquoise stylized waves.

Wooden elements are displayed very interestingly, on which intertwined lines of dark tones can be seen. When looking at this weapon, many will probably think “I want the same”.

3. Frontside Misty


It is quite hard to find winter themes in AK skins. However, the demand for them is really high. Thanks to the wintry pattern, the weapon’s wear and tear is not particularly visible — unless the horn gives out.

Turning back to our third asset, the whole body is decorated with stylized curls, as if an icy wind blew on it for a long time, and then left peculiar patterns. Similar can often be seen on glass in the morning. In addition, black is ideally combined with white and blue colors, forming an interesting, albeit abstract, picture.

4. Empress

In a good way, this work should top the most beautiful AK-47 skins in CS:GO, but everyone has their own opinion on this matter. But let’s be objective — this is a real picture, worked out to the smallest detail. In general, the “royal” collection is one of the best in the game, no matter what they say.

Her Majesty is looking in the direction of the bullet’s flight, surrounded by a red-yellow halo of stars and geometric shapes against a dark blue starry sky.

5. Fire Serpent

Here the creator took the opposite approach: they left the metal frame intact, and focused on the wooden elements. Among carpenters, this technique is called “wood stabilization”. In other words, certain species are literally boiled in special polymer compounds so that the paint is absorbed into the soft layers of the tree without affecting the hard ones. Then the workpiece is polished and becomes this object.

There is also a blue version, but red is more suitable for this gun. Probably because everyone is used to the warm tones of the factory butt and forend.

The Bottom Line

While the ranking you observed above may seem too subjective, we strongly believe that exactly these skins are a must-have for every CS:GO lover.

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