Top 5 features of PDF Tools by SmallSEOTools


If you are looking for the best online pdf tools, then you should go for the ones by smallseotools. The online pdf tools offered by this website are famous across different users, and the reason behind this is that the website offers tons of features.

In this short guide, we will tell you about some of the features of the tools offered by this website. There are tons of features that you would find in the pdf tools of smallseotools, but we cannot simply discuss all of them in one post. Therefore, we have shortlisted the top five powerful features of this website, making it a pro platform.

The most common question asked by people is why we should use or trust these pdf tools when we have tons of other options! The detailed answer to this question is given in the section below where you would read the top five features that make these tools lovable and credible!

Top Five Features of the PDF Tools by SmallSEOTools!

Read below for the details of the best features:

1. They are free!

You must know that finding free pdf tools which are also reliable is close to impossible today. If you want free and efficient services, you should go for the pdf tools by! There are around fifteen different tools in the pdf section of this utility, and you must know that all of them are free, and you don’t have to worry about paying a single pence. So, by using these pdf tools, you can save your time and a lot of your expense, which is wasted in manual conversions! Another free tool is

2. It can be used on any device!

All the pdf tools offered by this website are based on the cloud. These open-source tools can be used on all browsers installed on all sorts of devices with any operating system. They are compatible with any device, so you don’t have to worry about utilizing them only on smartphones or desktop operating systems. You must open the site on your browser and navigate the tool that you want to use. The best thing about these pdf tools is that you can also get their application version from the play store! Check out PDF Editor Free – Edit PDF and Form Filler Online – PDFescape.

3. No limitations!

Unlike other websites, SmallSeoTools is not going to restrict you or limit you to the use of its tools. You would find many online converter tools to easily convert or manipulate four to five files in a day, but this is not the case with the pdf tools by SST. If you want to convert a complete batch or hundreds of pdf files in one day, you can easily do so. There are no limitations, nor must you sign up or register with the site to get its unlimited services. Just open the tool on your device and start converting/manipulating files for free. The most made conversion with this website is pdf to word & word to pdf!

4. It has secure storage space!

There are only a couple of websites that can be trusted with files having sensitive content in them. You must know that the pdf tools are very safe & secure, and you don’t have to worry about your files/docs getting hacked or accessed by any other person in the process of conversion or after it. As soon as you finish the manipulation or conversion, the tool would delete the input data from its interface so that no one can access your files. The security aspect is an especially important one when it comes to finding the perfect pdf tools!

5. It has a simple UI

Most of the pdf tools on the web have a complicated interface, and for a new user, it can be exceedingly difficult to understand and use them. These pdf tools have an exceptionally clean and simple interface, and so their utilization is quite understandable, and even a layperson can use them like a pro. If you are fond of simple & straightforward websites and tools, you must make sure that you try out these tools!

There are many more features of the pdf tools offered by, but we would urge you to test the features that we have listed above for now. The pdf to docs converter is one of the most popularly used utilities on the website, so you can also give it a go!

We would like you to know about all the tools offered by this website that all sorts of users can use!

PDF Tools by SmallSEOTools

Here are the tools that you would find on this website:

  1. Merge PDF tool.
  2. Rotate PDF tool.
  3. Unlock PDF tool.
  4. Lock PDF tool.
  5. Watermark PDF
  6. PDF to word
  7. Word to PDF
  8. PDF to JPG
  9. JPG to PDF
  10. PowerPoint to PDF
  11. Compress PDF
  12. Excel to PDF
  13. Split PDF
  14. OCR

You can use either of these pdf tools to fulfill your requirements.

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