Top 5 Places to Hear Guitar Music in New York


New York is full of things for you to see and do – and if you’re hoping to hear some beautiful music live in the area, you won’t be disappointed by some of the excellent options that are available to you. There’s something so special about the experience of hearing songs being played in person, so we’re certain that you won’t want to miss out on paying a visit to one of the venues here in NYC. Here are just 5 of the best spots in the city for live music:

1. Beacon Theatre

As one of the oldest theatres and a site that offers visitors a chance to experience a classic concert, the Beacon Theatre is an absolutely incredible spot to listen to live music. Opened in 1929, it’s a historical landmark that has hosted several acts over the years, offering orchestral and balcony seating for over 2,500 people. If a band you like is playing here, you simply can’t miss out on the chance to visit!

2. Brooklyn Bowl

Located in Williamsburg, this is a great place for eating and drinking while listening to some live music. You can even enjoy a game or two of bowling while you’re at it, which is a mix that makes visits here far more interesting than simply going to eat out in any dime-a-dozen establishment. The slogan for the Brooklyn Bowl is pretty accurate with what’s on offer: “Eat. Drink. Rock. Roll.” You’ll also find that a variety of different music styles are played here, ranging from reggae to electro.

This is certainly a great place to visit if you’re looking to not just enjoy some live music, but also have some good food and additional entertainment, especially with friends.

3. Fat Cat

Fat Cat is a music venue with a lot to offer, including more than just live Jazz music to keep you entertained. While beer and ping pong are both things that can help you to have a great time, the real reason why you’ll be wanting to come back for more is because of the quality of music that’s being showcased.

This establishment prides itself on keeping up the New York tradition of late night Jazz Jam sessions – although you’ll need to be here past midnight if you want to hear them. Overall, this is just a great place to hear some good music and relax.

4. Forest Hills Stadium

Unlike the Brooklyn Bowl and Fat Cat, everyone who comes to the Forest Hills Stadium is there just for the music. The atmosphere and the charm of the surrounding area only add to how great the experience is here in this part of Queens, NY. Once upon a time, this was a famous tennis stadium, but when you look at its history since then, you’ll see that a variety of popular musical artists have performed here. While it was closed for a while, it re-opened in 2013 for the sole purpose of hosting big acts with a close and intimate atmosphere, which it certainly achieves.

5. The Bell House

The Bell House is an establishment that’s perfect for those looking for an intimate music experience – and what makes this site even better is that it offers a broad range of different performances. You could come here to enjoy essentially any live show, from rock cover bands to science shows, so you’re likely to find exactly what you need right here.

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