Top 6 Reasons of Printing Labels In-House


Industrial automation is consistently advancing, so is the range of the products. Nowadays, faster delivery times and customizable options are also expanding the expectations of the customers. No matter if you have a large or small business; your production level needs to be great so that you can stay competitive in the global market. 

When you’re trying to improve the elements of your business, you need to pay closer attention to the labels of your products. They are not only one of the most important elements for marketing but also affordable. In other words, marketing with labels will eliminate your cash flows. 

If you’re thinking that printing labels in-house will offer your business tons of benefits, you are right. The label has become the most important part of the packaging production process of a company. Today, thousands of businesses are increasing their revenue by creating attractive labels in their own offices and factories. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 6 benefits of printing labels in-house. 

Private Labeling

Over the past few years, the popularity of private labels has been increased a lot, especially in the CBD, cosmetic, medical, beverage, chemical, food, and supplement industries. As per recent studies, it’s been proved that customers prefer to purchase store-brand or private-labeled products because of the higher quality of the products. Manufacturers who possess in-house label printers will be able to stand apart in the marketing industry. As more customers are prioritizing the private labels, you can customize them easily. Additionally, the method is also cost-effective. 

You Can Produce Labels Instantly

One of the best benefits of producing labels in-house is that you can produce them instantly. Despite the time or quantity, producing labels instantly will improve your product marketing. Additionally, you can make some specific labels that will increase the productivity of your business. Even if you have the best forecasting or purchasing practices, your products might require a new label at the last minute. The manufactures that work on multiple products might not have the relevant label for all of their products. With the help of an in-house label printer, manufacturers can print labels instantly and easily. They will also have the flexibility to change the packaging lines quickly. 

The Cost Will Be Reduced

In most industries, the manufacturing trend is concentrated towards smaller batches. This case is valid, especially for personalized products. However, purchasing hundreds of labels is usually more expensive than ordering larger quantities. Apart from that, most label manufacturing companies have a minimum purchase quantity. You might end up paying more for fewer labels. This is neither sustainable nor efficient. 

When you have a label printer in-house, you can print as many labels as you want. Even if you have one printer, you can use it to print hundreds of labels easily. This way you can reduce the cost and the return on investment will be paid off after a couple of batches. As per Lendio, ROI will help you with business financing

You Can Test Your Designs

Designing the perfect labels is not an as easy task. You need to perform a lot of testing as well as redesign. Unfortunately, it will prove extremely expensive and time-consuming for you to purchase various labels from the company. Additionally, you won’t be able to exchange or return your label every time. In that case, you might have to purchase n new batch of labels. 

However, if you have your labeling system, you’re free to print out anything you want. This way you can test as many designs as you want. Apart from that, you can also improvise with the sizes and layouts of the labels. As a result, you’ll be able to save money as well as time. 

You Can Reduce the Delivery Time of Your Products

Customer convenience along with the demand for products is priorities for most companies. Customers not only expect things to operate faster but they also need perfect materials or products. This is extremely applicable for industries such as pharmaceutical, food, sanitization, beverage, and medical. When you have an in-house label printer, you can print labels depending on the demand. This will improve the speed of the shipments and customers will be able to receive the products sooner. This will also reduce unnecessary and lengthy downtimes. However, you can also purchase wholesale labels from manufacturers so that you can reduce the delivery time efficiently. 

You Can Ship Labeled Products Anytime

Sometimes, production managers might not be able to ship products promptly to waiting customers. The result is often costly expedited shipments, reduced profitability, missed deadlines, backorders, and lost revenue. During this case, most of the awaiting customers choose an alternative vendor rather than waiting for the product to arrive. But, when you have a label printer, you need to worry about the availability of labels. As long as you manage the stock, you can always use the labels quickly. 


These are the top 6 reasons for printing labels in-house. Do you have any questions regarding the labels? Contact us today for more information. 

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