Top 9 Netflix Educational Shows and Movies for Students


Ever watching an informative show film? A lot of them that would inspire and educate you about realities in life are available online. Here, we have compiled a list of top nine Netflix educational shows and movies for students. Students can watch these films to relax their minds after completing their math homework or performing a difficult task.

1. Sid the Science Kid

‘‘Sid the science’’ kid is an American computer-animated Children’s Television Series Education that aired on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) kids from September 1, 2008, to March 25, 2013. It has 68 episodes, each running for 30 minutes. The show was written by Bradley Zweig and produced by Jim Henson Company in Los Angeles. Production started in the fall of 2008, with 42 episodes each playing for half an hour. On September 1, 2008, Sid the Science Kid made its debut on PBS with an on-air commitment for two years. The series tells the story of a young and curious boy who uses comedy to handle questions children have regarding basic scientific principles, and solves problems with the help of his classmates and teacher. Actually, it is a learning show and fun at equal measure.

2. Resolved

‘‘Resolved’’ is a 2007 documentary film written, directed, and produced by Greg Whiteley. It ranks as one of the best teen shows on Netflix. This film follows the world of high school policy debate that gives way to a portrait of complex racial and class bias of American education. The film captured the title ‘‘Audience Award when it debuted at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 23, 2007. In the summer of 2008, HBO aired the film for the first time. After its Television debut on HBO, the film received two Emmy Nominations for the best documentary and for editing for the 2009 Emmy Awards that took place in September 2009. The film was produced and released on DVD Image Entertainment by One Potato Productions and Image Entertainment, respectively.

3. Race to Nowhere

‘‘Race to Nowhere’’ is among the top college shows on Netflix. It is a 2009 documentary film written by Maimone Attia, produced by Vicki Abeles and directed by Jessica Congdon and Vicki Abeles. It tells the stories of young people who have been pushed to the brink, educators who are tired and worried that their students are not developing the required skills, and parents who are making an effort to do their best for their children. In particular, this documentary reveals how cheating has become a norm in schools, starting from ordering a custom research paper to hiring other students to do exams for them. As a result, students have become disengaged, and they arrive at workplaces uninspired and unprepared. Students can watch this documentary to learn how the epidemic of cheating can disadvantage them in the future. It is one of the best TV shows for teens and college students.

4. The Magic School Bus

It is an American-Canadian Educational Adventure Comedy developed by Alison Blank, Kristin Laskas Martin, and Jane Starz. The show is based on the best-selling book, ‘‘The Magic School bus’’ written by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. It has received a significant commendation for its use of the most famous voice talent in history, such as Malcolm-Jamal. The series is both entertaining and educational. It tells the story of an eccentric school-teacher who takes her class on astounding educational field trips using a titular school bus. On their way, they discover creatures, locations, gardening, weather, and more about the wonders of science. According to Broadcasting & Cable, ‘‘The Magic School Bus’’ was one of the highest-rated PBS shows on Netflix for students.

5. American Promise

‘‘American Promise’’ is a 2013 documentary film directed by Joe Brewster and Michele Stephenson. It is based on a twelve-year of two African-American families hunting the promise of opportunity through their son’s education. In particular, the film captures the stories of Idris, the son of Brewster and Stephenson, and his best friend Seun as their families steer the way through the painstaking process of prep-school. The setting of the film is in line with the gap in the educational attainment that affects black boys at all socioeconomic classes across the nation. This documentary gives students an insight into the struggles black males undergo to fit in the community and school.

6. If you built it

‘‘If you built’’ it is a 2013 documentary film about a designer named Emilly Pilloton and an Architect by the name Matt Miller. The two accompany each other to a struggling community in North Carolina to educate high-school-children about their craft. It is an inspiring documentary produced by Neal Baer and directed by Patrick Creadon. This documentary has received an average rating of 6.7 out of 10 based on the critical response of 27 reviews. Students who watch this film can learn how to be innovative and creative. They can also realize that success not only comes from books but also innovation and craftwork. Indeed, ‘‘If you built it’’ is an influential documentary, recommended for every student.

7. Girls Rising

‘‘Girl rising’’ is a 2013 movie directed by Richard Robins. The film follows nine girls from Haiti, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Nepal, India, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Peru, and Afghanistan on their journey to education. The stories of these girls reflect the struggles they go through to overcome cultural and societal barriers as they quest for education. This movie is inspiring and educational as it tells the reason why all girls need education. Students with stereotypes about female education can notice that everyone needs education irrespective of cultural or economic background.

8. On the Way to School

‘‘On the way to school’’ is a 2015 documentary film directed by Pascal Plisson and produced by Barthelemy Fougea. As the name suggests, the documentary narrates the story of four students from different parts of the world that travel long distances to get to school. The concern of these children is only to get to school on time regardless of the risks and challenges they encounter on their way. They wade rivers, ride on a horse, and cross dangerous mountain paths inhabited by lions and elephants. Though complicated and dangerous, these children must show their commitment to education. Their thirst for knowledge drives them to encounter the challenges but achieve their aim. This film will make students question what they take for granted.

9. The Universe PG

The universe is an educational show that explores various scientific topics and questions regarding the universe. These topics include the planets, big bang, the sun, astrobiology, galaxies, and other questions about the solar system. The series investigates the uncharted frontiers of space and examines the possible occurrence of life-supporting worlds beyond humans.

If you are having trouble choosing top shows on Netflix to watch as a student, follow our compilation of the top nine Netflix educational shows and movies on Netflix. Most of these shows are educational and inspiring. Therefore, we recommend every student to consider them not only for entertainment but also for gaining knowledge.

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