Top 9 ways to prepare your home for the summer


Summer will soon be here, and the outdoors will become the best place to be. As much as you long to spend time under the radiant sun, your home is where you return at the end of the day. So you want to prepare it to be as comfortable as possible throughout the hot summer.

From setting up insulation and fixing your filters, here are ways to prepare your home for the summer.

1. Check up your air filter

During summer, your HVAC’s filter will get more active and need cleaning more frequently. It’s a great idea to check it at least every month to clean or replace it as the case may be.

A poorly working filter will mean more energy consumption as the AC unit will have to work more to get the colder air out through the filters into the home. If your filter seems worn out, it could do with a replacement.

2. Consider getting a programmable thermostat

Your HVAC’s thermostat will also see a lot more use, and this is the time to consider a programmable one.

A programmable thermostat will allow you to set desirable temperatures so that it switches automatically during hot hours, maximizing your comfort throughout the day.

3. Check your home’s insulation

How insulated is your home these days? Is the insulation still working optimally, or does it need an update?

The summer months can be pretty hot, and heat can transfer from outside into your home through the walls and roof. Ensuring your insulation is optimally working is an essential way to prepare for summer, as it minimizes how much heat gets into your space. Pay special attention to your attic space and levels between conditioned and unconditioned areas.

Even when your insulation is working just fine, you may need another layer for the hotter months.

4. Be smart about opening doors

Your air conditioner will be active most times during summer. But if you keep your external doors open, the cold air escapes outside, and you overwork the system as it tries to meet up.

An overworked air conditioner will tell its tale in your electric bills monthly, and that’s no good for your wallet. So it’s wise to join hands with your family to be smart about your doors.

5. Keep the home non-conducive to pest infestation

Keeping pests away is an important way to prepare for the summer. Mosquitoes and flies thrive in warm, damp environments, which are precisely what summer offers. But when garbage is all about the place, you’re giving pests an invitation card.

Do a thorough clean-up in your interior and yard; remove all standing water and overturn materials that may retain water for days.

However, these things are not always enough, so your best bet is to do pest control right before summer. You can head on to Google and search for the closest pest control near me to get in touch with a professional. Pest control can last between 60 and 90 days, so you’ll be pretty much covered during the summer.

6. Cover up your windows a bit

Summer is a great time to plant shrubs and leafy trees near your windows to prevent heat transfer into your home.

If that isn’t feasible, cover the windows from outside using awnings or screen shades. By shading your windows using such materials, you minimize the heat that enters your home.

7. Repair any air leaks

Even though you don’t open your doors much, there are other ways conditioned air can escape from your home.

Inspect your home; check the wooden components, roof, stripping and caulking around doors and windows, etc., for any gaps. Make repairs as appropriate to ensure every air leak is properly sealed.

8. Install ceiling fans in frequently-used rooms

Ceiling fans work by pushing down air to the floor and walls, simulating a chill breeze air circulation. Your bedroom and living room may benefit from this, as it can help you minimize the use of your air conditioner.

If installing ceiling fans feels like much work, consider using standing or portable fans instead.

9. Tidy up your home

Cleaning your home before summer is one way to create a fresh new feel in your interior. Clean your bathroom, kitchen, yard, and spruce up your curb appeal.

Don’t forget to vamp up your deck and patio as you may be spending some quality time outdoors.

You may even decide to change your interior decor as you prepare for this exciting part of the year.

Final words

Indeed, you can do many of these things DIY, but there are some in which you may require professional help, for example, insulation and pest control. It’s a great idea to call in-home energy experts to understand how to conserve energy while making your home comfortable throughout the summer.

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