Top Casino Destinations of all time

Opened in 1638, the oldest casino in the world, the Casinò di Venezia, is still perched gloriously on the Grand Canal in Venice. Even older than the world’s first casino is the game of Craps, and, although still incredibly popular today, dates all the way back to the 12th century. Gambling is clearly not a new invention, and no matter how far back you go in history, you’re bound to find groups of people gathered in excitement over some form of betting. Humanity and gambling are inextricably linked, and as a result, the gambling industry has evolved and been reinvented overtime to bring us what we have today.

The industry is indeed very lucrative, with casinos making on average $630,000 a day, and the advent of online casinos provides even easier access for patrons. Online casinos are the latest internet attraction, especially after Covid-19 hit, and more and more people are experimenting with online casino games every day. As Casino Reviews suggest, there are great online casinos, like SkyCityCasino, that offer a rich and versatile selection of games. And you have them at your fingertips, so it is easily understandable why people love online casinos so much. But, popular casino destinations will always have a place on many bucket lists, so let’s take a look what gambling professional Peter Burton from selected for us as some most famous casino locations

Las Vegas

Well known as the gambling capital of the world, a title strongly contested by the next location in our discussion, Las Vegas is a city that was built on gambling. The lure of Vegas is undeniable, with this location earmarked as many gamblers’ dream vacation. With casinos at every turn, and yes, even at the airport, the thrill of gambling in Vegas is a temptation few can ignore. Nevada laws legalized gambling in 1931, and with very few and generally loose laws guiding it, as long as you’re over 21, you’re good to go. As with many other states and countries, winnings over a certain amount are taxable.


Known as the “Monte Carlo of the East”, Gambling in Macau has been legal since the 1850s. It is widely acclaimed to be the actual gambling capital of the world, with Macau’s gambling revenue on its own far exceeding that of the entire state of Nevada. Macau is home to some of the most popular games in the world with the highest stakes. This, together with their booming economy, makes it a gambler’s haven, with thousands of tourists heading to Macau to try their luck. Excellent marketing strategy has Macau casinos making most of their money from private rooms and wealthy patrons, and in turn, these patrons are offered special privileges. Online gambling is not legal in this city, but who needs it when hordes of tourists are lured by high stakes flooding in any way?

Monte Carlo

The gambling laws of Monte Carlo dictate that its locals are not allowed to gamble at casinos, but can only do so online. Boasting two stellar Casinos, the Casino de Monte Carlo and Monte Carlo Bay Casino, Monte Carlo is a gambling haven offering tax-free winnings, making it one of the most popular locations in the world.


If your preference is for something a little more down-to-earth, with a little less of the glitz and glamor than Vegas, Reno is the place to be. Most of its casinos are still privately owned, offering a little less pretentiousness and a more authentic gambling experience, with a strong focus on stellar service in the hospitality industry.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City boasts some of the most amazing casinos and hotels in the world, and with the least restrictive gambling laws in the US, Atlantic City has a lure unlike any other. Offering some of the most popular games with the highest stakes, gambling in Atlanta is a hobby that attracts tourists from across the globe, with craps being an obvious favorite. Patrons need to be older than 21 to enter these casinos, but only residents are allowed to gamble online.


Beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, and prestigious glitzy casinos… if you’re looking for a star-studded time, Singapore should be on your bucket list. The casino industry is one of the youngest in the world but turns up the most wealthy patrons with Singapore being the banking capital of the world. Added to this is the unique opportunity of an amazing casino cruise, making Singapore one of the hottest gambling locations on earth.

Designed to captivate and entice, the lure of casinos is undoubtedly one that often takes no precaution and measures no risk. With a plethora of casinos suited to every preference around the globe, the only thought left is whether it will be Vegas or Macau. What’s next on your casino bucket list?