Top Garment Manufacturing Countries in World-2021


The garment sector is playing a very significant role in every country’s economic development. People wear clothes to represent their culture to the whole world. Most importantly, people are very natty and stylish in this modern age. That is why the demand for the garment’s product is increasing day by day.

With the increased demand, countries worldwide are manufacturing garments products and selling them abroad. In this article, we will talk about some of the top garment manufacturing countries in the world. So without further ado, let’s start.

Top Garment Manufacturing Countries in the World

Every country has some garment manufacturing company to meet the minimum needs of that country’s demand. However, all of them are not world-class. Among them, here are the top garment manufacturing countries in the world according to the manufacturing index.


The Chinese garments industry is the largest manufacturer as well as exporter in the world since 1993. This country produces 52.2% of the garment products of global garments production and earns $118.5 billion. China is also the mecca for electronics manufacturing.

It produces the finest quality raw materials and finished or ready-made products. The factors that make them top exporters are low-cost production, modern high-tech machinery, industrial structure, and the work progress in the domestic and global markets.

Furthermore, they use the most advanced technology and huge labor force in their production. That is why they have acquired more than half of the world’s share, and still, they are acquiring more shares.


You will be surprised after knowing that Germany is the runner-up country in exporting garments products. The annual export value of this country is almost $40 billion.

However, it was not the same as before. Recently, they have changed their mind set-up. In the past, their main focus was on producing more products with keeping the price lower as much as possible.

But now their main focus is producing high-quality products. Additionally, they have advanced technologies. So, it is a must say that Germany has a huge possibility that one day this country will lead this industry as China is doing right now.


Bangladesh is one of the top garments in exporting countries. This country was second in exporting garments products till 2018. But now Bangladesh is holding the third position in the world garments manufacturers’ ranking. This small country’s strength of acquiring the third position is very low labor cost and the vast workforce.

Around 20 million people work in this sector in Bangladesh. It is always the best choice for those who want to import garment products with the best quality at the lowest price. Check here the top 10 garments in Bangladesh.


Vietnam is in the fourth position amongst garment manufacturing countries worldwide. Their export value is around $38 billion. Their main focus is specialization, modernization, and the production of a very high-quality product for competing in this competitive market.


India is also in this top ten list. Their garment industry is divided into two sections. The first one is the unorganized sector, which includes handloom, sericulture, and handicraft. The second one is organized, making yarn, fabric, and apparel. Here the unorganized sector is much more competitive than the organized. Their export turnover is $37.11billion. So, this can be one of your choices for importing.


The Italian garment industry is very prominent in the fashion world. They have very diverse items in their production line. They produce all types of textiles, including cotton, linen, silk, wool, and so on.

They also use E-textiles technologies to benefit the user as well as to contribute to the world’s environment. Italy’s export value is around $36.5 billion.


Turkey has a reputation for producing a high standard and broad range of products. The export value of the Turkey garments export industry is now around $29 billion. This country has amazing design capacity and high-tech solutions. For that reason, we have to say that the level of their product is world-class.

United States of America

The USA is globally in the eighth position in exporting garments products. In the United States, daily labor cost is one of the highest one. That is why their product is quite expensive. However, the quality of the products is top-notch. So, if you want a very high-class and high-quality product, you can choose them for importation.

Hong-Kong (China SAR)

Hong-Kong is very well-known for exporting cotton spinning, denim waving, fine gauge cotton knitting, and so on. They were the best and largest exporters till 1993. Now they are in the ninth position for exporting textile and apparel in the world.


Spain has one of the largest textiles and textile machine manufacturing industries. This country is in the 10th position with almost $20 billion. Day by day, they are trying to increase their product quality and quantity to place in the top position.

The Bottom Line

These are mainly the top ten garment manufacturing countries in the world nowadays. Obviously, clothing has much significance in our life as a sign of aristocracy, and it is one of the basic human needs.

For this reason, the garments industry is very significant for every country. In this article, we have given you the top ten garment manufacturing countries in the world.

After reading this article, you will easily be able to make your purchase decision if you are an importer or exporter. Even after that, if you have further things or topics to know, let us know in the comment section.

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