Top Online Poker Apps in 2021

The global online gaming market is well on its way to being worth close to $100 billion by 2025. While current estimates value the market closer to $60 billion, it’s growing at an impressive compounded rate of 11.31%. The main online gaming sectors driving this growth are sports betting sites, online casinos, and online poker platforms.

Thanks to these virtual platforms, poker remains not just an American favorite but the world’s most popular card game. There are several sites and apps where you can join in on the action at a virtual poker table. Today, virtually all of these modern poker platforms offer multi-tabling, streamlined interfaces, secure encryption, and other modern features. But let’s take a closer look at some of the best ones for gamers to enjoy today.


The World Series of Poker’s (WSOP) official online portal is easily one of the most popular sites and apps out there. And this is because it’s free-to-play and highly accessible. WSOP operates in almost every state that allows online poker, including Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey. So if you’re from any of these states, WSOP is your best bet. That said, the WSOP app also allows for free online gaming –– meaning those who want to play realistic internet poker but aren’t legally able to put money on the line (or simply don’t want to) can enjoy the app as well.


Playable by those from Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, PokerStars is the largest online poker brand on the planet. In addition to these states, PokerStars’ dedicated apps are available throughout much of Europe as well. And as is the case with WSOP, many celebrities and poker pros not only endorse the brand but use PokerStars themselves as well. You never know who may end up in a virtual poker room with you….


More popularly known as an online sportsbook, Bet MGM now operates as an online poker portal in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. In fact, alongside PokerStars, Bet MGM is one of only two poker sites allowed to operate in Michigan. The platform’s dedicated poker app is especially designed for players in the state. And throughout 2021, the provider has contributed to the state’s massive and still growing online poker revenues.


While PartyPoker is a relative newcomer compared to others on this list, it presents a casual alternative to today’s more popular online poker rooms. Although, with endorsements from the likes of comedian and pro poker player Kevin Hart, it’s bound to become more mainstream quite quickly (and indeed it is already well on its way). With strange and fun features such as the option to throw virtual objects at your opponents, PartyPoker has been making waves in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, where it’s allowed to operate.

Zynga Poker

For those who want a fully free, “play money” alternative to so-called real poker platforms, Zynga Poker is essentially the gold standard. This platform has been around for some time now, and can be enjoyed through a browser, through Facebook, or in app form. But regardless of your choice of platform, Zynga is available in every state as a simulation of online poker. A massive player base and huge player stockpiles of in-game chips make for a very fun environment, and one that feels every bit as competitive as those at real-money sites.

When we look into gaming and tech trends these days, there’s often a lot of focus on what’s new. We get swept up in the latest apps and games, the newest devices, and ultimately anything that might offer us a fresh experience. In the world of poker specifically though, things are a little different. While there are certainly new apps and platforms that emerge from time to time, it is often the established, tried-and-true ones that provide the best games.

The apps described above account for only a small portion of this deep, dynamic category. For the various reasons explained above though, they’re some of the best apps for anyone seeking a good poker gaming experience.