Top Reasons to Love Organic Goat Milk Formula: Digestibility, Quality, and Simplicity


Baby nutrition is a top issue for parents after the baby is born. Balanced nutrition provides the newborn with health and adequate physical development. It is great when the baby and mother can use the natural way of nutrition –breastfeeding. But it is not always available for both the child and the mother. That is why the choice of the formula becomes the primary question for parents.

There are two main types of formulas that are used most of the time. They are formulas based on cow’s and goat’s milk. Let’s have a look at the less popular formula than the one based on cow’s milk – organic goat milk formula. Why is this type of formula a wonderful choice for your baby? What are the benefits of goat’s formula?

Goat milk: What is so special?

Goat milk was the subject of many discussions and research throughout the century. Goat milk has been used as a part of the human diet for thousands of years. Why? There are a few reasons: its composition is very similar to breast milk; it forms a soft curd clot in the stomach; it has a higher proportion of small globules of milk fat; and its allergenic properties are different from cow milk. The high nutritional value of goat milk causes a growing interest in people around the world. 

Top reasons to love organic goat milk formula

1 Digestibility

It is better to consider the reasons to love organic goat milk formula in the example. So, let’s check Holle goat formula (from 6 months) and draw the impression about it. First of all, goat milk has the closest composition to breast milk. That is why it makes Holle goat formula to be easier digestive for babies than formula based on cow’s milk. Moreover, one of the most common allergies among children is the allergy to cow milk. Goat milk has 89% less protein Alpha S1 Casein, which causes digestive problems for children when drinking cow-based formula. As a result, goat’s milk organic formula helps to reduce the risks of allergic reactions and also promotes easy digestion. What is more, goat’s milk is rich in valuable microelements and vitamins, which support the immune system of babies. Holle Goat Stage 2 Milk Formula is full of nutrients like vitamins A, D, and E, minerals, and fatty acids (DHA and ARA). This formula is designed with A2 goat milk protein which means it has less lactose and makes your baby’s digestion smooth.  

2 Quality

Organic goat milk formula, in the example of Holle, is produced according to the strict standards of the EU. Organic goat’s milk comes from organic farms, which are regulated by European Union policy. And it is, of course, certificated as an organic product. The organic ingredients are grown without using any chemical fertilizers. Biodynamic farms respect animal welfare and environmental sustainability. It means that the produced formula is free of GMOs or artificial sweeteners, or pesticides. So, the Holle organic formula can provide the baby with natural ingredients, saving their nutritional value for the safety of the baby’s health. Everything mentioned guarantees the baby will get a product of uncompromising quality for growth and development. In addition, Holle organic goat formula consists of DHA and ARA, which benefit the optimal physical and psychological development.

3 Simplicity

Holle goat formula is a conventional formula that is easy to make. Parents should not be worried about measuring, mixing, and the right consistency. Everything you need to know to make it is on the package. Nevertheless, preparational instruction is very important. So, it is better to consider them before feeding the baby. Remember, it is always better to consult your pediatrician to realize if formula suits your baby. 


The choice of a suitable formula is a key step to provide a baby’s growth and development. Organic goat milk formula has many benefits for the baby, including digestibility, quality, and simplicity. By choosing Holle goat formula, parents are sure that the baby is provided with all the needed nutrients and protected from allergic reactions because of less consistency of lactose in A2 goat milk protein. Nevertheless, remember it is always better to consult your doctor about the baby’s diet and any changes to it.

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