Top Shipping Mistakes You Should Avoid


A good shipment flow and supply chain should be strong. Ensure that the containers are properly labeled. Use the right address. Use the right Bill of Lading. Invest in the right container tracking api system for timely updates. Don’t underestimate the power of insurance. To streamline the shipping supply chain, don’t make the following top mistakes.

Improper Packaging

Package your goods properly. Proper packaging protects your goods from damage. Plus, proper packaging ensures that you have a compact, single load. This can reduce the shipping cost and minimize the chances of having your goods returned.

Inaccurate Bill of Lading

Use the right Bill of Lading. BOL is a binding agreement between you and the shipment company. It defines your roles and the shipment company’s obligations. It should have the right name, date, address, tracking number, etc.

Not Using Pallets

Pallets are important when it comes to fragile goods. It protects your goods from damage. Pallets promote easier loading. Thus, use the right pelleting method.

Wrong Class, Weight

List the right class. Don’t guess the weight of your goods. The wrong information will subject you to additional charges. If something weighs 58 tons, state it like that. Don’t state the wrong class.

Selecting The Wrong Company

Choose the right shipping company. Select a company with high-quality services. Here are the tops things to look for when selecting your next shipping company.

Types Of Delivery Services

Check the company’s service charter. Which services do they offer? Can they handle the type of goods you want to ship? While some companies will handle fragile and hazardous goods, others have strict policies when it comes to certain types of goods., Thus, it’s important to understand the type of goods permitted.


Select a courier service with very strict security protocols. They should have a security policy that protects the customer. They should have a strong tracking system.

Delivery Speed

Check the delivery speed of that courier. Does it offer same-day delivery? How long can they ship your goods? If you want speed delivery, choose a company that prioritizes speed.


Selecting a reliable courier will help your business in many ways. For instance, a reliable company helps you build the reputation of your brand. Don’t choose a company that will let you down. Read customer reviews before selecting a shipping company.

Cost Of Services

Shipping goods will cost you money. Thus, inquire about the shipping cost. Select companies with fair rates. They should not subject you to additional charges. Ask for a quote.


Shipping companies are now embracing technology when it comes to handling goods. A good company should allow customers to place orders online. The process should be easy and effective. The company should give you timely updates when it comes to the status and location of your goods.

Customer Experience

Reputable companies know how to handle customers. Thus, they will strengthen their customer care desk. These companies strive to make customers happy. These are the shipping companies you should choose. Hire companies that respect you. Effective communication is key.

The Bottom-Line

Shipping opens up the global market. It makes it easy to acquire goods from other countries. Businesses can ship goods to customers from any part of the world. However, it’s important to get all the steps right. Remember, simple mistakes can lead to huge financial losses.

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