Top ten filming sites of the Fast and Furious franchise


The Fast and Furious series has everything good to tell about America. With the 9th movie, the series seems to be a great hit for fans favorites. And there would be no reason to hate the series.

But the series would not be as juicy as they are without haters.

When Fast and Furious was celebrating its 20th anniversary, many fans were keen on learning about the sensations filming sites.

Fast and Furious has some of the best car chases that thrill fans and bring in suspense. Not forgetting the touch to give you that perfect adrenaline rush.

The film site is one of the most critical aspects of an ideal film. Most of the Fast and Furious filming sites are considered to be the best places one can imagine. For one, they have space, which is needed for shooting a car chase.

An ideal location should include both outdoor and indoor areas. Fast and Furious have met this mark, contributing to its success in the film footage.

Indisputably, Fast and Furious is to make its fans feel happy. If you want to enjoy the delightful actions of car chases and the stunts, you should  watch Fast and Furious in order of release.

The series has many filming sites. Below are the top ten filming locations that made the series incredibly impressive.

10 best filming sites of the Fast and Furious franchise

1. Hatfield House in Hertfordshire

Fast and Furious 9 films feature scenes in Hertfordshire. If you were keen enough, you could note the Renaissance water sculpture located in Hatfield House North front.

Dominic Toretto posted a couple of videos on Instagram which clearly show the old Hertfordshire home.

Hatfield House has a gold seal ceiling recognizable in the Fast 9 trailer. Again, Torrento brothers can be seen in a confrontation with one another in the room prior to pointing guns at one another.

2. Toretto’s Market in Echo Park

Vin Diesel white wood frame house located in Echo Park in Los Angeles. In Fast and Furious (2001), there are beautiful cars and a lovely family seen in Dominic Toronto’s house.

In reality, Torrent’s is Bob’s Market, where Paul Walker tries to insinuate Toretto’s gang every time he visits the café run by Dominic’s sister.

This is where Toretto and his sister met Paul Walker while ordering a tuna sandwich. It is also the same place where a fight broke out between Vince and Paul.

3. Miami Beach in South Florida

Most of the films in 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) were shot in the Miami area-(Pearl South Beach & Champagne Lounge).

This is where Pearce and O’Conner were invited to Verone, who made them learn about the bucket and the frantic rat. The drug lord used the rat to torture a police officer, which was placed on his naked belly to make him give out information.

4. Hawthorne Plaza Shopping Centre

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift garage was filmed at Hawthorne Plaza. This is where the drifters gathered.

5. Street Rally- Alameda Square

The race between Brian and Dominic is in the Downtown parking lot in Alameda Square. The street race took place on Prairie Avenue in Hawthorne, where Brian lost the race.

6. David Park Apartment

In Fast and Furious 4, Dominic Toretto breaks into David’s park apartment to find the boss. This is when he holds Park out of the window, but Park is extremely worried due to fear of heights. Toretto was not aware that Brian was also searching for Park to help the FBI. Dominic let’s Park go, but Brian takes him for interrogations.

7. Puerto Rico

Initially, Fast Five was to be filmed in Rio de Janeiro, but the Rican government imposed heavy taxes. Most of the actions in Fast Five were filmed in Puerto Rico. The site gave the film providers a perfect location due to its scenery and architectural collection.

One scene is the rooftop chase across the favelas, shot in Naranjito that resemble Rio de Janeiro’s favelas.

8. Lambeth Bridge at Millbank

Lambeth Bridge was one filming site of Fast and Furious 6. This is where the attack on the convoy happened, and this is where the burned wrecks of the convoy were discovered.

Do you recall when a stray car was cautiously removed from an upper window in Millbank?

9. Pikes Peak Highway

The frenzied chase in Fast and Furious 7 happened along the Pikes Peak Highway in the mountain roads.

The action scene involved a chase car on the curvier side of the hill.

10. Caribbean Island of Cuba

Most scenes in The Fate of the Furious were on the Island of Cuba.

The car chase in the film started over in Simon Bolivar St. It went all the way to El Capitolio and on to Hotel Nacional De Cuba.



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