Transition your home into a cozy nest this winter


When the winter starts closing in, you brace yourself for increasingly shorter days and dropping temperatures. New York winters are notoriously cold and frigid, with temperatures plummeting to 27°F often, particularly during January. And with strong winds and the occasional icy spell, they can drop to 14°F. Not ideal if you have a busy day ahead and you’ll have to be outside a lot. But it’s not all doom and gloom. With daylight hours decreasing and the weather conditions to take into account, the winter is the perfect time to turn your home into the coziest, warmest space possible, so you enjoy the dreary months as much as you enjoy your summer vacation.

Create a hyggekrog 

If you’re raising your eyebrows at the word already, don’t rush. You’re likely already familiar with the concept of “hygge”, the Scandinavian word designating comfort and leisure. The tenets of hygge refer to everything that creates solace, easement and comfort, from comfy clothing, to sitting by the fireplace, being wrapped in a soft fleece blanket or drinking a mug of your favorite marshmallow hot chocolate or mulled wine. The hyggekrog is, therefore, a cozy nook where you spend most of your time. 

You probably already have a place where you like to hang out in your home, whether by the windows, on your bed or even in front of the TV, but you can always update this space and make it a bit more snug and warmer. You can do this by adding candles, knitted blankets, and throw pillows. So just put on your hyggebukser (a slouchy, casual pair of pants you practically live in around the house) and enjoy your downtime. If you’re not close to a heater or fireplace, you can always bring an electric heater nearby, so you spend your winters in toasty bliss, even when crisp winds are raging outside.

Ensure optimal temperature 

When it comes to the cold, some people can withstand it easily, while others feel the need to bundle up in multiple layers to avoid the chill. It’s essential to ensure optimal warmth and dryness levels indoors during the winter months to stay in good health. A New York boiler is the perfect option if you’re looking for something to keep temperatures within the normal range. Rent a boiler from a specialized service, and you get the bonus of benefitting from repairs should anything go wrong. The devices are equipped with an advanced warning system and flame safeguard technology that alert staff about potential issues so they can be solved rapidly and not cause major inconveniences. Boiler rentals also provide hot water, and the 24/7 mechanism ensures that it doesn’t have to be shut down so you can enjoy a pleasant temperature at all times.

The ideal thermostat figures shouldn’t exceed 68°F, and the indoor humidity should be around 30 to 40%. You may experience headaches and a sore throat if it’s any lower. If you usually deal with dry skin, the dry winter air can cause your hands to become even more cracked. If you wear contact lenses, low humidity levels can also cause eye discomfort. So be sure to check these figures to ensure you live healthily and wholesomely.

Create the atmosphere 

A large part of your mood is dependent on your surroundings. When you are in a place that feels nice and welcoming, it’ll lift your spirits and make you feel better instantly. This is especially important if you’re not a winter person since you’ll need a little extra help to enjoy the season. One of the easiest ways to create a cozy home is to add some lights. Table and floor lamps are ideal for building layers of lights you can brighten and dim depending on whether you want to read a book or turn on a movie. Fairy lights are perfect for creating an intimate atmosphere. Dim, faint lighting is ideal for a quiet night at home with your partner, lounging on the couch with your cat or dog curled in your lap, or taking a restful nap after getting home from work.

Give your home a new outfit 

When the season rolls in, you take out all your warm sweaters, puffer jackets and overcoats. Just as such, it’s also the perfect time to change your home’s look for a bit. The easiest way to do this for the living room is to drape a blanket on your sofa. Not only is this a very chic design choice, but it’s also a pragmatic one. You can use it to snuggle up on your couch. There are few things as comforting as being wrapped in your cocoon with your favorite takeout and the series you’re streaming at the moment playing on TV.

If you have guests frequently, you can keep blankets in a spare basket and distribute them among your friends when they visit. Not only are they cute and warm, but they’re also ideal if you want to turn your thermostat on a lower setting for a little bit to serve energy. You don’t want visitors to feel chilly, so a steady supply of knitted wool and fleece throws is the answer.

If you have bare floors in your bedroom, you should consider adding a plushy carpet that makes you feel like you’re sinking through the softness. Rugs are also a good idea for the bathroom. It may sound odd, but just think about how uncomfortable the cold tiles are when you step out of the tub. It’ll also make waking up in the morning when it’s still pitch black outside and getting ready for the day a little nicer.

When the winter comes, you’ll likely be feeling a little down, particularly if you’re a person that enjoys the sun and heat. While the holiday season can provide some respite from that atmosphere, given all the glitz and busyness, it only lasts for a few days, while winter is a whole three months (and can even stretch to March in some cases). It’s important to learn to enjoy the winter months, focus on the positive aspects, and arrange your surroundings to help boost your mood until spring rolls back in.

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