Trollishly: Must-Try Instagram Ideas For Event Marketing


Instagram is a social network for sharing videos and posts. It creates hype among the audience from its start. Event promotion has always been a part of Instagram marketing. It’s never too late for event managers. You can now hop on to the app and promote your events, from ticket sales to getting new event clients. As Instagram is already familiar with a fun app, it is undoubtedly spectacular for event marketing. Event professionals can leverage Instagram to grow their business.

Instagram is a place where vast communities and vast contents are available. You can be confident with whatever content you put on Instagram, there is always a community who would love to watch it. But if you want to achieve certain goals on Instagram, you must follow specific strategies. Furthermore, if you’re going to accelerate your global visibility, you can buy reels views and shall improve your reputation. So, let’s dig deep into the article on how to use Instagram for event marketing. Let’s get started!

First Thing To Do

Before anything, the first thing you need to focus on is to create or open your account. Give your first impression with professionalism. Keep a profile that everybody recognizes easily and makes memorable. Fix your goals, stick to them, and keep planning the progress. Make sure the contents you post should connect with the audience in real-time.

Ways To Pre-Promote Your Events

Outshine The Competition

To stay ahead of the curve, what makes unique matters a lot! When you have a well-crafted Instagram marketing strategy, you shall position your business at a higher level. What you have to do before the event starts is as follows,

  • Build suspense for your event. You should create a post with an eye-catching line-up so that there will be intense curiosity among the audience. Here word-of-mouth will start, and your event will become aware.
  • Shoot behind the scenes of your event. For example, if you have an iconic backstage, take a time-lapse video of setting up the backstage. Get reels with technicians who are working there etc. Some humanizing content will reach higher heights.
  • Include the ticket buying link on your profile, post description, video description, etc., so people can buy tickets by clicking your links. If possible, you can also include a promo code so your followers can avail of it. Thus, driving more engagement to your site.
  • Gather the volunteers. Provide each volunteer with several posts to share on their profile. Moreover, you can try using Trollishly and uplift your recognition.

Ideas To Follow During Instagram Event Promotion

1. Use Trend-Savvy Hashtags

Using trending hashtags is the easiest way to make your event aware among the audience. There are various ways you can find niche hashtags. The simple ways you can create new hashtags are using the power of suggestions, focusing on relationships, creating moments, etc.; you can find a huge list when you follow your peers.

2. Instagram Takeover By Influencers

So during the event day, it will be difficult for you to handle Instagram. So you can make your Instagram profile taken by influencers. You can even go on a Live during the event. If so, make sure the host is a famous personality or celebrity. Keep your profile engaging and active during the event day. Have frequent posting of posts and videos.

Tricks To Captivate The Audience After The Events

The event manager’s job is not finished after finishing a single event. There needs to be a follow-up to gain numerous audiences for your following events. Once the event is done,

  • You may ask the audience to fill in feedback on the google sheet.
  • Please read the comments given for events posts or videos that you have posted and genuinely reply to them. Try to take the points that will be useful for improvisation.
  • You can ignore all the unimportant and unnecessary comments.
  • Share a thank you post on your profile to convey your gratitude to everyone who made it successful, including the audience.

If you follow the above tips, then it will help you build the credibility of your event business. Make it a memorable event!

Advantages Of Using Instagram For Event Promotion

  • The app captures the audience’s attention and transforms followers into event attendees.
  • Instagram makes you connect with the audience in real-time.
  • It gave advertisers powerful targeting capabilities. It is free for all users, so anybody can leverage the features and make money.
  • Engaging posts create a substantial impact on the audience.

Wrapping Up

Undeniably, no event can be finished with a dedicated audience and team. So if you understand the power of digital marketing, then you will make your event succeed in a quick time. You can try over Trollishly to acquire tremendous results. If you thought the article was helpful, leave your comments below!


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