Understanding the Difference between Sports Trading and Recreational Gambling

Entrepreneurship in the online world is becoming more and more natural. it doesn’t mean that it’s simple, though. Firstly, the options for doing so are practically endless. There are many segments and niches in which we can act as entrepreneurs, building successful new businesses practically from scratch.

At the same time, however, many of these markets are already saturated with ideas and even new professionals. Finding that “out of the box” project, with high potential for medium and long-term performance, can be one of the most complicated tasks at the beginning of every entrepreneur’s career.

The secret, therefore, is to look for markets where competition is still low. In developing countries like the Philippines, for example, the online sports betting market is still immature, so you could capitalize on that somehow.

Still on this topic, online punting is on a rise worldwide, and newcomers often ask themselves the differences of terms that they could have possibly heard here and there, such as sports trader and gambler. One of the hardest things that a person can face is to find the best and safest online casino website such as Kubet.

Throughout this article, we’ll go over important aspects, explaining mostly the basic differences between:

  • Recreational Gamblers
  • Sports Traders

We’ll be explaining the difference between the two, and which of them is the most profitable one in the long run.

Surely, you can take our sports betting Philippines example and try to invest in this niche with the tips you’ll get from this piece of text as well.

We’ve also found a very good online article that explains how profitable online betting can actually be, so we’ll link it for better understanding purposes. We’d also like to state that this article counted on a massive hand from Evelyn Balyton, who’s and expert on sports betting, and most of the ideas came from her, and so we’d love to express our gratitude to her.

Sports Trader vs Recreational Gambler

As soon as you start your punting career, you have to understand that betting sites will be your best friend – or your worst enemy in some cases.

A betting site, such as 1xBet, for example, offers odds for events so that the bettor can lay their wagers on them. Odds are quotes that indicate the probability that a result will happen.

The punter usually invests in events where there is a clear favorite to win. Thus, your chances of getting your guesses right and making a profit are higher in the short and medium-term.

In this case, we can say that modern bettors could be considered financial investors. Bookmakers are our investment platforms, where we select the games with the best odds and place our bets. We wait for the end of the event, confirm the victory, collect the profits, and invests again in another or other events. Then repeat.

Sports trading is a little more complex than recreational punting. Despite this, becoming a trader is an even more interesting opportunity to undertake online betting. This is because trading in sports can be compared to trading on the stock exchange.

In this case, what do sports traders do? Well, they basically access betting exchange websites, the most famous of which is the Betfair Exchange. Once on these betting exchanges, they are offered the chance to “buy” quotes, hoping that they will rise or fall, according to his strategy.

Unlike a punter, the trader never expects the game to end. He is interested in the movement and fluctuation of the price.

Bear in mind that this is basically the main difference between the two of them. Gamblers live up to its name, and they simply gamble, sometimes based on instincts, emotions, and as time goes on, strategies may come in as well.

Whereas Sports traders are the ones who can actually say that they live off online betting, spending most of the time taking a look at charts, stats, and sharing personal experiences on groups in order to reduce losses and maximize profits.

Trading or punting: which is the most recommended?

Trading or punting which is the most recommended

Currently, there a few gamblers worldwide who can actually make a living from sports betting. In 99% of the cases, they are sports traders, not punters, because trading, despite being more complex, can also be more profitable in the long run.

In punting it is very easy to lose large amounts of money quickly, preventing you from continuing to invest. In other words, if you lose too much, it will obviously make you step down. For this reason, punters are considered recreational gamblers, with a non-professional profile.

Trading is more recommended for those who want to undertake sports betting. Today there are several traders who have created companies that offer free advice to some extent.

However, above all, one must be aware that betting is always a high-risk activity. Understanding this is the first step towards developing responsibility for your financial and emotional health if you decide to undertake in this market.