Understanding the house edge: which casino games have the best odds

We all want to win when we’re playing at an online casino and we often won’t give New slots a chance without knowing our odds of winning. But, more than this aim in mind, learning what the best odds are with certain Online casino games at Slotzo is beneficial for a number of reasons.

It’s good practice to know as much as possible about Casino Games before playing at an Online casino. Many factors contribute to the house edge and the casino games which have the best odds. It’s an important factor of every Online casino and of Slot games.

In all industries, there’s jargon (industry language specific to that industry) to get our heads around. It’s not always the easiest thing to do, but it’s definitely worth it and helps you get those wins from the Jackpot slots. From the basics to the more obscure, here’s the lingo to get your head around and help at understanding the house edge.

What the casino house edge is and how it’s formed

The return to player percentage (RTP) is a big part of what makes up the house edge in an online casino and land-based casino. This may seem a little confusing at first glance, but it’s really not once you’ve got your head around it. It can also be a big really help in deciding which slots to go for at an online casino.

In basic terms, the house edge is the RTP percentage which pertains to Online casino games. An RTP percentage applies to Online card games, Online Roulette, any Blackjack game, Baccarat, Online Bingo, Slots, and other games you can find at an online casino. The RTP gives players a good idea of how much money the machine is projected to award players over a period of time.

For example, say a player has gone to an online casino to try their hand at slots. After looking around and finding an option from the Slots they like the look of, the player finds that the RTP of that slot averages to 96 per cent. What would that mean for the player then?

If the player took 100 spins on this choice of Slots, betting at £1 a spin, the player can expect this Slot machine to pay out £96 if they win. The other 4 per cent would be £4 and this is what the Online casino operator of the game gets from this choice of Slots, so 4 per cent is the house edge. Meaning, the profit from the wager.

Other contributing factors to the house edge of an Online casino

Early examples of a random number generator (RNG) includes rolling a dice, drawing a card at random and flipping a coin. Other RNGs include those seen in lottery Jackpot games and Bingo games. These are all pretty old fashioned examples, and since our technology has improved to become more reliable so have our methods of RNGs.

The more games have grown in their popularity, especially with the rise of the online casino, the more our need for RNGs to come up with new number combinations. Software developers have created algorithms for more RNGs to create further number combinations as Casino Games themselves broadened. The fear was that random number combinations would eventually run out.

Casino Games which need an RNG to pick a winner, such as Online Bingo for example, use a generator that works in tandem with an algorithm. The algorithm is what runs in the background of some functions behind a website. The Online casino RNG algorithm creates long strands of automatic random numbers all determined by one fixed number at the centre of them all, known as the seed number.

Online casino games with the best odds

The game of Blackjack has the best odds in nearly every casino, and the same can  be said for the Online casino world. Blackjack is among the most favoured choices of the more experienced Online casino lover as the odds are very much in the player’s favour. The house edge being just one per cent at most on-land casinos, and a fantastic 0.13 per cent at an Online casino.

With Baccarat the RTP here is also pretty good, averaging to around 1.2 per cent, not the best but still better than a lot of Casino Games. With an online casino, the odds are even better at 0.60 per cent and nearly all players are guaranteed to make a small return even if they didn’t place the biggest bet. With more experience at Baccarat players can bet more and earn a higher pay out.

Roulette games have an online casino set house edge at 2.7 per cent for single zero and 5.6 per cent for double zero, which is pretty good. If you can get the hang of this game fast you’ll get the best odds at winning your bet and quickly too. This is still a game of chance, but one that can be perfected over time.

Understanding how the casino house edge affects Casino Games

The house edge of an online casino can affect the outcome of Casino Games, as a winner will be determined by the RNG. This includes Casino Games like Jackpot games and Slot and Bingo games too.

Bingo games actually rely very heavily on RNGs to support the outcome, as a lot of other Casino Games do. However, when you’re choosing which of the Casino Games to play, it’s always best to go with your gut over the house edge of the Online casino.

For example slots give players a fun and thrilling experience, and you could miss out on options released by New slots sites if you don’t trust your gut. RNGs extend to Jackpot slots too, so it’s still worth checking out as many Casino Games as you can and decide to play with the choice that looks the most fun over the one with the best odds.