Understanding Your Origins: A Beginners Guide To Birth Charts

Typically, when people think about their zodiac signs, they also think about the personality traits that are associated with that sign. The sun and the planets have a lot to do with your astrology data, too. The celestial bodies impact what happens here on Earth and your zodiac sign is much more affected by the sun than you might think. When you were born, the sun was in a particular spot in the sky, which is divided into different sectors by astrologers.

Your birth chart is like a snapshot of where the planets were at the date and time of your birth. As each planet has a different effect of an aspect on your life, when you’re born, you carry these aspects with you.

How To Read Your Birth Chart

At the moment of your birth, the cosmos was arranged in a particular pattern around you, and the whole of this pattern expresses the uniqueness of your character and personality. The diagram of the order of the cosmos at the moment of your birth is your birth, or natal, chart.

The basic elements of the birth chart are the planets, the zodiac signs and the houses. Each planet carries different characteristics because each has a different nature. The zodiac signs are twelve demarcated parts of the sky that the planets travel through and this includes the sun and the moon. The houses are twelve demarcated areas around the earth that relate to different spheres of a person’s life and lived experience.

This is a ton of information and it’s a kind of fluid information as each of these elements are constantly in motion. When you’re getting psychic readings online, your medium is taking each element into consideration, along with the geometrical relationships between the planets, to provide you with your birth chart reading.

The information that you need to analyze your birth chart is your birth date, the city and state that your were born in and the time of day at which you were born.

Knowing Your Signs and Symbols

Astrology is a tool for understanding. The zodiac signs are each accompanied by a symbol. The symbol associated with Aries, for instance, is the face and horns of a ram. The symbol for Gemini is the twins. The symbol for Aquarius is ripples of water.

When you have a deep understanding of your sign and the accompanying symbol, you’re better able to understand why a psychic is telling you certain things that are more related to where things stood in the cosmos at the moment of your birth into this world.

Birth charts are much deeper than a standard three or four-sentence horoscope. It’s not that those horoscopes are inaccurate, but rather like comparing a whistle to a symphony. When you get astrology psychic readings, your medium will take into account your birth chart information, to get you the most precise reading possible. Visit an online psychic today to get clarity on something or someone in your life so that you’re better prepared to meet your future.