Unique Wedding Venues in New York City

Marriage is full of big decisions, but perhaps the biggest one is the location. When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding location there are numerous factors to consider, and it can be difficult to pick just one place when there are so many options to choose from. Luckily, if you’re searching in New York City you will be spoiled for choice. Take a look at some of these unique options for wedding venues:


Some of the best event venues in New York City for weddings are actually restaurants. Having your wedding at a restaurant also allows you to include catering in your cost. You can find many options that match your new family’s tastes.


There are so many hotels in New York City for all kinds of vibes, and you can also find them at several different price points. From big chain hotels to unique boutique hotels, you can find something perfect for both your personalities.

Industrial Buildings

If you want to throw an event in a trendy and modern space, you’ll want to check out the industrial buildings in New York that have been transformed into venue spaces. There are many inside and in the outskirts of the city that offer amazing views and gorgeous industrial spaces.


In New York there are numerous museums you can get married in, with the most famous being the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The National Museum of Dance and Museum of the Moving Image are a few other beautiful and unique places to consider.


Speaking of beautiful, there are some stunning libraries in NYC to get hitched at. The New York Public library is incredible for large weddings because of how big the space is. Smaller places like the Brooklyn Art Library offer similar vibes and gorgeous lighting.

Art Galleries

Some of the best art galleries in New York City also double as venues for events and weddings. You can find small bold loft galleries for more intimate gatherings or check out places like the Brooklyn Historical Society for larger and more stunning gallery spaces.


If you and your partner are lovers of the ocean, then you could consider the Long Island Aquarium or the New York Aquarium on Coney Island. Both offer spaces where you can get married and party among a sea of colorful fish and aquatic wildlife.


There are many gorgeous outdoor spaces and gardens in New York for events. Central Park is the most obvious one, but other public gardens like Wave Hill can offer views that  are just as stunning. If weather is a factor, a place like the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is a perfect place to still be outside surrounded by nature, yet still be indoors.

If you’re getting married in the Big Apple, there are so many places to choose from that will be the absolute hardest part of the whole planning process. The wedding industry is finally getting back to normal, but the trend of small and intimate weddings is likely to stick around. For couples looking to celebrate in New York they will find plenty of options to fit their perfect style, personality and budget. Don’t wait to book a venue in NYC because these incredible places book up quickly.