Urine Drug Test Tampering – What Employers Should Know


While it is not mandatory to have a drug-free work environment in the USA, many organizations have strict policies regarding possessing and using controlled substances at workplace. As such, potential job candidates as well as current employees may need to undergo a urine drug test as a part of their employment process. National Drug Screening, Inc suggests why workplace drug testing is essential in 2021. Beyond the workplace, drug testing is also common in forensics, sports, and healthcare. 

Failing a urine test can have detrimental effects because it is an important screening factor for potential employees. An individual can lose the job opportunity, while his reputation is also put at stake. Therefore, cheating on urine drug tests has become a commonplace nowadays – to keep the job, avoid imprisonment, or maintain a spotless reputation. Fearing the consequences of failing a drug test, many employees will often go to great lengths to get negative results. 

As such, drug test adulteration and tampering has become more sophisticated today. Here is more info about products and techniques that help cheat even the most advanced urine drug screening technique. From synthetic and powdered urine to the best body detox products – there are various ways one can flush out harmful toxins and drug metabolites from the body to pass the drug test.    

If you are an employer and worried about urine test tampering, then here are some important things you should know. This will help strengthen your drug detection procedures.  

Common Drug Test Adulteration Techniques 

You can contact san diego drug detox if you need help in drug rehabilitation and treatment. There are various ways people can attempt to cheat urine drug tests. Discussed here are the most common ones:

  • Household remedies: There are several household products that can help change the urine’s pH level to prevent detection of THC or other drugs. Popular choices are ammonia, vinegar, acid, bleach, and lye. These are used in different ways to interfere with the urine test initially, but may not be effective for sophisticated detection methods. 
  • Dilution: This is one of the most widely used methods to eliminate or mask any evidence of drug or toxins from the body. In this process, people consume large amounts of detox drinks and supplements to flush out all traces of drugs before they take the test. This results in diluted urine, but which resembles the look, feel, and odor of real human urine. 

Detoxifying drinks like Palo Azul tea break down drug metabolites in the urine, and eliminates it from the body. Components like Vitamin C, Thiamine, Creatine Monohydrate, Milk Thistle and Riboflavin found in these products help mimic real urine.         

  • Substitution: This is another popular method that many individuals adopt to pass a drug test and bag a job opportunity. Here, real urine is substituted with powdered urine – which is normal human urine but in its dehydrated, powdered form. Therefore, it contains all biological components of real urine and can be easily mixed to water to form normal urine again. Powdered urine is free of drug metabolites and toxins, therefore, making it easy to get a negative result for drug tests. 

Additionally, these can last indefinitely until re-hydrated. As such, they are one of the best options to pass a urine test regardless of when it is scheduled for. Synthetic urine is another popular form of substitution, where artificial urine is used to mimic natural urine in its form, texture, and composition. 

These are some of the most popular techniques employees use and are proven for their efficacy in passing a drug test. 

How to Detect Urine Test Tampering & Adulteration? 

As urine test tampering becomes sophisticated, it is important for organizations to implement more effective drug detection techniques to identify these adulterants and deter the same. Labs should update their testing methods and use advanced technologies to facilitate stringent testing and help achieve a safe & drug-free work environment.     

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