Using Feather Flags To Promote Your Local Business Marketing


Marketing a small local business is one of the toughest challenges that the owners face. On the one hand, there is tremendous shortage of funds during the initial days and on the other, the sales fail to pick up. When you start wondering how to market the local business within your budget, the best option that surfaces is the feather flag. You can place these small and narrow flags in the storefront or in events or trade shows.

Things to know

The feather flag contains small texts and images but when it moves with the wind, the passersby are sure to notice it. Often, business owners place these flags indoors and they may go several meters in height, depending on the company it promotes. Typically, the flags stay attached to poles or stands to create an impressive look. You can select from several base options, whether on the soft ground, water base, or on the sidewalks.

Why you need to customize the feather flag

If you are still in a dilemma about using a feather flag for local business marketing, you need to go a bit deeper. Research reveals that an average person spends over 18-20 hours outdoors, which reduces the time available for watching television or reading newspapers.  Therefore, businesses need to focus on promotional materials outdoors to grab the attention of customers.

Approaching the local audience

You may own a small company with a local customer base but that should not deprive you of availing the benefits of promotional materials. Therefore, feather flags are just right for a café, small restaurants, salon, tuition classes, and dental clinics. If you own a business that depends on local clients, the feather flag is the option you may select. With local businesses constituting over ninety percent of all businesses, several people make buying decisions based on the effectiveness of marketing and promotion.

Why feather flags

When compared to various modes of advertisements, the feather flags offer a cost-effective option. For the local businesses, the biggest reason to invest in this option is that it is a one-time investment. Here is what you need to remember:

Value for money

With a feather flag installed strategically at a favorable location, you can get value for money. These flags come with double-sided options, allowing you to print on both sides.  You can stitch two flags with a mesh blocking the middle or benefit from its one-sided features.

Adaptable option

One of the biggest advantages of using a feather flag is its adaptable features. The colors and the message you print on a flag stays for a long time, allowing you to reuse the marketing material.  The flags generate good response, so you can feel the pulse of the market even before you start a local business. Moreover, you can rely on flags for indoor use in case your stories located within a big shopping facility. The spikes makes the flags stay firmly grounded and you can out additional weight on the top to prevent it from toppling down.

With multiple advantages, you can surely count on a feather flag to take your local business to new heights.


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