Visiting Aquariums in New York State to See Unusual Fish


Almost everybody adores animals, and New York State provides several opportunities to admire their adorable tiny and huge faces at zoos, aquariums, and wildlife sanctuaries.

Many large cities and states have a zoo, from New York City’s Central Park Zoo, Utica Zoo, Binghamton Zoo in Ross Park, and the Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnet Park in Syracuse. Thousand Islands’ Zoo New York focuses on New York State habitats and native creatures such as black bears, grey wolves, and eagles.

Feedings of penguins, seals, sharks, and large events are held at the Aquarium of Niagara. A 120,000-gallon shark tank, touch tanks, sea lion performances, and even more than 100 interactive exhibits are available at the Long Island Aquarium.

When visiting aquariums in NY state, you will be able to see different sea creatures, including clownfish, moon jellies, sharks, stingrays, and even beluga whales. So if you want to see these wonderful and unique creatures, here is a list of aquariums in NY State.

New York Aquarium

New York Aquarium is situated at 602 Surf Ave., Brooklyn, NY. The Shark Exhibit that the New York Aquarium offers is undoubtedly the most famous among spectators. This shark display, debuted in the summer of 2018, enables individuals to wander through a glass tunnel while surrounded by aquatic life. The entire experience is without a doubt one of the aquarium’s attractions, so take your time since there are lots to see throughout the whole glass tunnel walk. 

Aside from the Shark Exhibit, there are thousands of fish, cheerful otters, a swarm of pelicans, and some extremely vocal sea lions trying to get your attention. The new Spineless Exhibit, launched in 2020, should not be ignored. This interesting exhibit includes a massive Pacific octopus, several moon jellies, zombie worms, and a variety of other remarkable invertebrates.

The New York Aquarium also belongs to the Wildlife Conservation Society. When visiting Coney Island’s boardwalk, you might want to go and check out The New York Aquarium. This aquarium holds over 350 aquatic species. 

Aside from that, it also holds award-winning exhibits, such as the Ocean Wonders: Sharks! This exhibit is the latest in the aquarium. The shark exhibit holds over 500 thousand gallons of water with more than one hundred species inside. 

It is also a one-of-a-kind interactive exhibit since visitors and viewers are nine inches away from different shark species and other aquatic creatures. This exhibit proves how amazing the wildlife in the New York state is. This aquarium in NY State aims to teach people all about sharks and their environment, their role in the ecosystem, and the daily threats these animals face. 

Even though some attractions in the aquarium are set indoors, most animals live or stay outdoors, so you might want to keep in mind the weather conditions when you plan on visiting the New York aquarium.

Long Island Aquarium

According to the Parents Magazine, Long Island Aquarium, located at 431 East Main Street, Riverhead, NY, is among the Top 10 Aquariums for Children. This aquarium is home to the world’s largest all-living coral reef displays. It also consists of a 120 thousand gallon shark tank, home to different shark species such as sand tiger sharks and nurse sharks. 

This aquarium showcases different species of sharks and conducts sea lion shows that can be observed year-long. Long Island Aquarium is also home to different butterflies from various parts of the world. 

What makes this experience in Long Island Aquarium so special is the exhibits and interactive experiences together with the marine creatures. This aquarium holds over 100 marine exhibits like the Penguin Encounter, Pirate Snorkel, Shark Dive, Shark Keeper, and many more. 

And if you want to experience cruising, Long Island Aquarium has the Atlantis Explorer, which you can use to sail aboard for two hours. However, you may need to pay extra money for this cruising experience. 

Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery & Aquarium

On March 31, 1982, The Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery ended its operation as a NY state fish hatchery. However, by the next day, they reopened into a new institution. They became a non-profit educational institution by the Friends of the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery, Inc. 

The Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery & Aquarium serves as an institution that offers environmental education and a public aquarium that showcases different marine animals, most especially trout. This aquarium is known for raising and stocking trout – including the Long Island brook trout, which you can only see in a few places. It is also home to the biggest living collection of New York’s freshwater reptiles, fishes like carp and bowfin, and different amphibians. 

If you are interested in different fish species, the Walter L. Ross II building is perfect for you. You will encounter over 30 various fish species in this attraction – common and unusual. They are placed inside aquariums so that visitors can easily view these wonderful creatures.

This aquarium in NY state is consists of different species of native fishes placed in their ponds and aquariums. And if you come to visit, the ponds in Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery & Aquarium are a must-see when visiting the aquarium. Some of their ponds are Robert Koenig Memorial Pond, filled with water lilies and live trout. There are also hatchery ponds where they hatch different fish species. Moreover, you may also visit the warm water ponds to see fishes like bowfin, carp, and gar.

Lastly, this aquarium has a huge collection of native reptiles and amphibians in the Northeast. They have baby turtles which you can see in a huge turtle pond in the Fairchild exhibit building and also in Walter L. Ross II. 

This aquarium in NY State is at 1660 Route 25A, Cold Spring Harbor, NY. Visit the Hatchery and spend some time with these beautiful marine creatures with your friends and family.

Aquarium of Niagara

More than 50 years ago, the Aquarium of Niagara opened its doors to the public as a private corporation. A small group of scientists and chemists were the founders of this corporation.

Their goal in opening this aquarium was to begin using the artificial seawater formula they created, especially for indoor aquariums. They named this formula the Instant Ocean, which you can currently find in almost every inland aquarium worldwide.

The Aquarium of Niagara is a rescue facility for different marine species that suffer from different conditions. This aquarium in NY State became a facility housing blind seals.

It started in 1980 when the Aquarium of Niagara rescued a Pacific harbor seal, which they named Sandy, which they found on the coast of Washington state. Sandy was a stranded seal that suffered from cataracts. Luckily, the Aquarium of Niagara team found Sandy and gave it successful surgery for its cataracts. 

Until now, this aquarium in NY State is still a home for seals and sea lions, perfectly normal or suffering from conditions. You may also find Humboldt penguins, marine mammals, different fishes and invertebrates, sharks and stingrays, and many more in this aquarium in NY State.

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