Water Shoes 101: Different Types of Footwear and How to Buy Them


If you plan to venture into new water sports in the coming days, you need to look for the right aqua footwear to make your experience safer and more enjoyable. There are plenty of different water shoes available in the market today, which makes finding the right one a little complicated.

When buying your first pair of water shoes, you need to look at the different types of shoes to know what to get. Here are some of the most basic types of aqua shoes and a brief guide on picking the right pair.

Closed-Toe Water Shoes 

One of the most typical types of aqua shoes is called closed-toe water shoes. These pairs look like regular footwear that may or may not come with laces. They are made to be worn if you are in or around any body of water.

The closed-toe aqua shoes offer the best protection from sharp objects and the heat of the sun. It can also provide adequate support for the feet. You only need to look for lightweight yet sturdy pairs of closed-toe shoes to ensure your safety on wet surfaces.

Barefoot Aqua Shoes

Barefoot shoes look like closed-toe shoes, yet it comes with an individual partition for each toe. These types of shoes are flexible and breathable, making them more comfortable when worn in the water. They are also very durable even when exposed to water for a long time.

When buying barefoot water footwear, it is important to ensure that the pair is light and easy to wear. It must also come in quick-drying material so that it can effectively wick excess moisture. Meanwhile, we recommend you check out the link if you are looking for the best women’s water shoes you can buy online.

Aqua Booties 

Another aqua footwear that you must invest in is the booties, especially if you plan to be in cold waters most of the time. These are often worn before putting on the fins for scuba diving or other water diving activities and swimming. And “Loom Footwear” is one of the renowned brands which perfectly stands to buy waterproof shoes to perform any of the activities. Their waterproof footwear is very comfy and fully made up of eco-friendly material.

Some swim booties are made with ankle straps and shin protection. These can increase the warmth and stability offered by the footwear when in water.

Active Water Footwear 

If you like to spend more time doing different strenuous activities like beach running, backpacking, or hiking near the shores, you need sturdier footwear. These pairs are usually made with non-slip rubber soles that suit both land and water.

The best active aqua shoes are designed with comfort and protection in mind. When buying this type of shoes, you need to look for those made with breathable fabrics that you can wash easily after each activity.

Aqua Shoe Buying Guide 

Once you are ready to buy your first pair of aqua shoes, you need to ensure that you will get one that fits your foot perfectly. First, you must check out the right measurements of your foot, including the proper width and length. After measuring your foot, you can compare it with the shop’s sizing guide to check the right size.

Buying a new pair of water shoes can be overwhelming. But if you know what you need, it would be easier to find the right pair to help you enjoy your weekend activities.

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