Ways to Dress Up in the Workplace


Dressing up is fun, whether the destination is somewhere casual or formal or even in the workplace. Most companies provide company uniforms and require their employees to wear them, but it is always not the case. Some employees enjoy the freedom of wearing anything they want at the office as long as dress codes are followed. Some may think that women’s work dresses only come in one form – a long sleeve formal dress. But work dresses come in various styles and forms that look chic and stylish even in a formal setting.

Types of dresses allowed in the workplace

With dress code or not, it is important to wear something corporate and professional-looking. It is only appropriate to wear modest and decent clothing when going to an office. 

  • Sheath dress

A sheath dress is one type of dress that women can wear in the workplace. It is fitted and has a straight cut style. It is perfect for all body types. Wearing sheath dressed could further enhance a woman’s natural curves. They hug the waistline and the hips beautifully. These dresses are one of the most modest dresses that are usually worn in the office. They are also flexible because they come in various sleeve lengths. Ladies can style these dresses by layering a nice blazer and a pair of heels. They can also wear a belt to further enhance their body shape.

  • Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are the holy grail of most women. These are must-haves for almost every lady out there. They might seem a little intimidating at first because they can be difficult to style, but they are one of the easiest clothes to wear. From the term maxi, these dresses are the longest; they reach up to the toes. However, there might be a slight disadvantage when short women wear them. But they can always pair it with an elevated pair of shoes like pumps or wedges; it would make the outfit even better. Maxi dresses are also flowy and very convenient to wear. Women would surely be able to move more freely when wearing maxi women’s work dresses. With the right shoes, bags, and accessories, this outfit would certainly impress their fellow workers.

  • Layering dresses

One way to layer a dress is by wearing a blazer. It is one of the staple clothing pieces that everyone must have in their wardrobes. Blazers add a whole new level of texture and definition to corporate attire. When wearing blazers, play with prints and colours. Printed blazers are only worn when the inner dress is plain and vice versa. Matching colours is also important to create a clean look. 

Shirts or blouses underneath are also a great way to add more spice to the dresses. These are perfect when they want to wear dresses that may look less modest when only worn themselves because of plunging necklines or see-through or mesh details. Wearing shirts underneath makes these dresses look more formal and appropriate. Either plain white or black T-shirts or turtle-neck shirts are worn underneath the dress.


No matter where a woman goes, there is always an excuse to dress up and look more beautiful in a thoroughly curated outfit. A dress code is often required in a workplace, and some fashionable dress types still pass the criteria of these codes, such as sheath and maxi dresses. Women can also add more layers to the dress to make it look more stylish and fashionable.

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