Wedding Engagement 101: A More Practical Guide


Have you thought about marrying your girlfriend? Then you might have this fancy expectation that it will be a happy ever after. The truth is, getting married involves a lot of commitment and hard work.

What many couples do not know

During the engagement phase, when you guys are still so in love with each other, you tend to see only the good in your partner. You may already be in the process of preparing for that perfect proposal for your girl. Remember, an engagement proposal can be busy because you’ll need to get the help of friends as an audience for the special day. You’ll also have to shop for that perfect ring and write that unforgettable speech that you’ll probably only deliver once in your lifetime. After that, you and your girl, along with your wedding planner, will have your hands full preparing for the wedding.

It may look like it will be an easy and wonderful joyride, but that is sometimes far from the truth. Relationships will have their rough moments, which is why there should be enough time to prepare for you as a couple before signing that romantic but very legal contract.

Now, if you think you are ready to get married, that’s perfect. However, if you know there are rough patches in your relationship and realize that marriage will not fix it, then read the rest of this article.

For those who can’t wait to tie the knot and are sure about putting a ring on it, then what are you waiting for? Start scouting for the fab engagement ring. If you are considering giving her that prized diamond, you may read and learn more about diamond cut and clarity.

Essential things couples must do before getting married

1. Talk about your vision as a couple

Having a vision as a couple is different from your aspirations as an individual. Address this before tying the knot. Why? This is important so that you two have a clear view of how to work out your marriage. You need to talk about your dreams, like having a house or kids.

2. Spend time together

Being with someone is about discovering each other. There are some things that you still do not know about your partner, and spending time together, like traveling, would help you discover the other’s interests. This can help strengthen your relationship before marriage.

3. Consider sharing time with the other’s family or circle of friends

Most people are attached to their family or friends, and a successful marriage needs the other to understand where the other is coming from. Pleasing your partner’s family or friends may not be on your book. Still, you will get to meet them no matter what, and getting to know them earlier could benefit your relationship later.

4. Identify where you both need to compromise

Whether you like it or not, you will need to change if you want your marriage to work. Talk about your differences and identify where either of you could change or compromise. This would help save you a lot of heartache as a couple.


Being married is not a smooth ride all the time, but it does not mean that it’s not possible for you to make it easier. Follow the tips above, and you can look forward to a fulfilling relationship.


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