What Are The 3 Types Of Automatic Doors


Oftentimes, people get confused about the type of automatic door to incorporate into their building, leaving them with no option but to use a manual door. 

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Do you find yourself in this shoe? Are you skeptical about the types of automatic door to incorporate into your building? 

Then stick to this article to unveil the automatic doors, their peculiarities, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Types Of Automatic Doors

We have three major types of automatic doors that I’ll be showing you now. They are; 

  • Automatic folding doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Swinging doors.

Automatic folding: 

This is a unique automatic door with a sleek design and modern-day technology. It takes a negligible amount of space upon installation but can give wide-area access. It is mostly used in shopping centers, banks, etc. If you are skeptical about the type of skeptical door to get, then this is a good option.

Swinging doors:

This automatic door type is one with an amazing design concept. The design concept is its two-way traffic design in one body. This door is capable of giving access to those coming in and going out of a building. It comes with high-end sensors capable of detecting an approaching individual and also for detecting prohibited materials.

Sliding doors:

Sliding door is the most commonly used kind of automatic door. It comes at a great price with a sleek design. 

It has a two-way function just like the sliding door. It also has an emergency passage that would be functional in cases of emergency or casualties.

Note: it is important to know that these doors are all high-grade technologies. They may only differ in price and design. Having seen this, I don’t think you would be confused about the type of door to incorporate into your building.

Additionally, I’ll be providing answers to some frequently asked questions about automatic doors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Automatic Doors

What are they made of?

Automatic doors are made of glass with other components to aid their functionality. An automatic door has panels that are coupled together to aid proper functioning. Only professionals have the skill set to do this.

What motors do they use?

Automatic doors make use of brushed DC motors. The electrical components are the central powerhouse of the automatic door.

What sensors do they use?

There are mostly beam sensors that can help indicate an approaching person, emergencies, and the like. Some doors make use of remote control.

Can they be used in every organizational setting?

Due to the widespread Coronavirus in the world, it is advised to make use of automatic doors in organizations just to avoid contact with doorknobs. These knobs can be a carrier of germs.

Are they cheap?

In all honesty, automatic doors are not cheap. That is why it is strictly advised to be financially stable to actualize the idea of using an automatic door. If you do not have what it takes at that point, do not go into it. Installation and maintenance cost a lot.

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