What Are the Best Films Set in New York?


Anyone who is a film buff will be aware that many of the films that the world loves are set in New York. When considering the film industry in America, this seems odd as the seat of the industry is in Hollywood, located in Los Angeles, California. It would seem to make more sense for most of America’s films to be set here, as comparatively, New York is known as a global financial centre. However, people looking at it this way may be incorrect, as some might say that the attraction of New York supersedes that of Los Angeles. There is no doubt that New York is more known out of the two as just thinking of the city draws images of Manhattan’s skyscrapers piercing the skyline.

At the end of the day, New York is a wildly influential and cultural symbol of America and indeed the world. It is the city that never sleeps, with many considering it to be the best city that one can travel to in terms of activities and historic sites and buildings. Those who visit the city will be spoiled for choice, even those who enjoy gambling. This is because New York is one of those esteemed states that allow residents to play casino games, and players who want to play at the best casinos will find their wishes satisfied.

Without a doubt, New York is the symbol of the American dream and when all these qualities are taken into consideration, it becomes clear why so many films are set in the Big Apple. Simply, the atmospheres exuded from New York is unmatchable by virtually any other place in the world, which is likely the reason so many studios choose to film there.

Disregarding the atmosphere, New York also has the necessary foundations to support quality filmmaking. This is useful to studios who need the basics of making a film such as lighting, wardrobe, and cameras as going somewhere where this is not readily available can prove wildly expensive.  There have been many great films set in New York that have been released to critical acclaim, here are some of the best.

American Psycho – Everyone who has seen this film will likely rave about it as it provides a wonderful social commentary on the arrogant, hedonistic yuppies that rule Wall Street. It does this while delivering audiences a healthy dose of black comedy that dips between being shocking to outright hilarious.

King Kong – This is an iconic story that speaks on the subjugation of blacks on white while also providing a fantastical tale of colossal animals and cannibalistic tribespeople. The image of King Kong on top of the Empire State Building will be burned into the minds of all who have watched it forever.

Ghostbusters – Another classic that virtually everyone loves. It was really the first supernatural comedy that set the bar on how the genre should be done and released to universal acclaim. One can only hope the upcoming sequel can do the original justice.

Those are just some of the best films to be set in New York. However, the list is endless, and people have a massive repository to explore.

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