What are the Best Motorcycle Earbuds?


As in the car, talking on the phone when riding a motorcycle is not only prohibited, but also poses a significant risk to your own life as well as that of third parties.

We have carried out research, comparing and analyzing more than 30 products on the market and have selected the best motorcycle earbud for you, those that allow you to answer and make phone calls easily and efficiently.

In addition, at the end of the guide you will find a section where we will comment on everything you need to know before buying one of these devices.

TOP 5: Bluetooth Hands-Free for Motorcycle

Next, we offer you a list that includes the 5-bestmotorcycle earbud on the market, those that give you the best value for money and click to our best website to review products.

Sena – 3S-WB-ES Bluetooth Headset and Intercom Set

The Sena 3S Handsfree is a stereo headset via Bluetooth 3.0, which features a Bluetooth intercom, and is specifically designed for motorcycles. This handsfree offers a very small, compact and light design, a very easy product and quick installation.

With this hands-free you can use the hands-free function of your Bluetooth mobile device, in addition to listening to music in stereo and having two-way conversations through its intercom with your passenger or with other motorcyclists who follow the same route.

It offers clear and crisp sound in all conversations, both on the phone and with the passenger or other motorists. Very intuitive operation and easy to access through two buttons.

Excelvan – V6 B018JNI8Y

Compatible with Bluetooth mobile phones, GPS and mp3, this motorcycle hands-free intercom can be adapted to any type of helmet for motorcyclists. A hands-free that allows you to have clear and reliable wireless communications while driving without risk.

It receives phone calls fully automatically, allowing motorists to drive with great care and safety. It is a very easy to install and use model.

With dimensions of 24.5 x 15.6 x 4.4 cm and a weight of 481 grams, this motorcycle headset allows you to receive audio navigation messages from your Bluetooth GPS. It offers a talk time of between 8 and 10 hours, and a standby time of 240 hours.

Betowey – BT S2 Handsfree

This hands-free intercom is from the Betowey brand. In addition to being able to communicate with other people, it also serves to send and receive calls while you are driving peacefully and without putting your life at risk.

It allows: call, answer calls, reject calls and hang up initiated calls. Calls come in automatically while you drive without you having to do anything.

Besides, you can also listen to things from the phone like GPS directions, music, etc. It is stereo and has a radio.

The battery is very durable, in standby time it can last up to 300 hours, in call mode 10 hours and in communication mode (with other nearby motorists) 8 hours.

Lemnoi – BT-S3 Intercom

Very similar to the previous one, it will allow you both to communicate with other motorists, and to send and receive calls.It connects to the mobile phone via bluetooth so you can make and receive calls fully automatically while driving.

Like the previous one, it will also allow you to listen to music from your mobile, MP3 or radio. You will have to have your mobile phone within 10 meters of your mobile phone if you want good communication.It is very easy to install. It is also waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about it raining.

Ejeas – V6 Pro

This headset is another of our favorites. It serves both as a hands-free mobile phone, and as an intercom to talk with other motorists who are within 1200 meters.

As for calls, if the phone is less than 10 meters from the intercom, you can send and receive calls in a totally secure way, without putting your physical integrity at risk.

It is waterproof and allows you to connect with up to 6 other riders.

Buying Guide: Tips for Buying Bluetooth Motorcycle Headsets

We believe that when buying this type of device, the following should be taken into account:

If you are interested in getting one of the best motorcycles handsfree on the market, it is interesting that you keep in mind a series of tips that will help you make the best decision:

Autonomy: Any self-respecting hands-free must offer an average autonomy that ranges between 10 and 12 hours, so it discards those models that have less autonomy.

Approved: It is convenient that your motorcycle earbud be a perfectly approved device, which complies with current regulations. Make sure you meet the necessary requirements or you could be fined.

Brand: Opting for a good brand product, a recognized brand, will offer you the best guarantees when buying the hands-free for your motorcycle. Discard private labels or brands of dubious reputation.

Extra Functions: The most advanced models on the market incorporate functions such as the possibility of listening to the radio, listening to your music in mp3 format or intercom to be able to talk with your passenger or other motorists.

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