What are The Few Crucial Diseases You Should be Aware of


Out of all the critical diseases that really make a patient’s life difficult, we are going to mention a few in this article.

This article will help you in realising what are some diseases that are at the stake of your health.

Awareness about your health and diseases is crucial. If you are not aware enough, you can end up taking part in activities that will do wrong to your health.

So, in this article, we are going to inform you regarding all those diseases that can worsen your health in the long term.

1. Hepatitis C

In this disease, a virus called Hepatitis C causes infection in your liver. This virus is contagious and is transmitted from one person to the next with blood contact.

In current times, the cause of the transmission of this virus are the needles of injections that are injected in one person and then into the next without being cleansed with an antiseptic.

2. Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a really serious form of disease. It is an infectious disease that affects the lungs of the patient. The Bacteria of TB is contagious and can be transmitted from a person who has TB when he sneezes or coughs to the next person.

The transmission of TB occurs with the droplets that are released in the air with the cough or sneeze of the infected person.

3. Dengue

Dengue is a viral infection that happens due to the mosquito bite. The mosquitoes present in the Tropical as well as subtropical climates of the world can cause this infection in the human with their bite.

Majorly the people residing in urbanized areas suffer from Dengue.

The virus with which dengue fever occurs is DENV. There are four kinds of DENV. It means that the same person can get infected with Dengue four times in his life.

Here we are discussing a serious disease that takes place due to a parasite that is present in the mosquito.

When that mosquito bites the patient, the same parasite enters into the patient’s body.

4. Malaria

Malaria is thought to be a very fatal disease and the one who gets infected with it has to go through a lot of suffering. The ones who have Malaria experience high fevers and illnesses that resemble flu.

Not all the patients of Malaria get able to cope up with the critical symptoms.

Keeping in mind the seriousness of these illnesses, it will be only wise to get them treated from a doctor who is authorised and well reputed.

In sum!

The above-mentioned illnesses are critical and the medicines you get prescribed for the treatment of them are very expensive.

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