What Can Lead to Mold Growth in the Attic?


Every corner of the house deserves some attention. However, people most often care about their kitchen, bathroom, basement, and other areas. The humble attic fails to get noticed before them. But you cannot be casual with this part of the house. Lofts can also attract mold growth. Since you don’t count this area already, you run the risk of intensifying the issue. You may wonder why this corner will face any such challenge as it has proper ventilation, and you don’t use water there. Still, some conditions can contribute to mold. It would help if you did routine checkups to prevent them from occurring. Here is a quick guide on this.

Causes of Mold Growth in The Attic

  • Leaking roof

You can check flashing, vent, or a chimney for this. If flashing installation has been inadequate or faulty, it can cause roof leaks. Water can seep from the roof. Hence, you should make sure all the roofing structures are well in place. If there has been a storm or snow, you need to be more careful.

  • Roof ventilation

If your roof lacks proper ventilation, moisture can enter the attic and get trapped. Due to constant humidity around the framing and sheathing, moisture problems can increase. It would be best if you were more careful during winters when condensation can lead to a damp environment. It doesn’t mean you should worry about your attic being cool. You have to keep them so in colder seasons. However, you should create a proper ventilation system. Attic Crawl Space Doors can also help limit moisture and keep the area dry.

Sometimes, even blocked soffit vents can also be the reason behind dampness in the attic. It happens due to debris collection, such as roofing materials, tree parts, bird’s nests, etc. Even debris in the insulation can also cause this problem. Hence, it would help if you kept this place clear of these things.

While fixing all these areas is crucial, you must also consider opting for timely maintenance.

When to Contact Professionals from Mold Removal?

Mold is not a good thing for you and your family’s health. People can suffer from allergies, itchy eyes, and coughs. For this, you would need to take your physician’s help for treatment. However, if these things have become a common occurrence in the house, you have every reason to suspect mold growth.  You can go to the attic to investigate its walls and nooks for mold. Do you get any musty or stale odor? Or, if there are any splotchy black stains on the surface, you need to be careful. It can quickly spread and make your house smelly. Anyway, if you come across any such signs, you should talk to the mold removal services for assistance. Don’t try it yourself.

In essence, your house consists of various small and large parts. Even though you don’t have to visit your attic so often, you must not ignore it. You have to maintain it well. Professional agencies tend to be good at this job. You can give them the responsibility to take care of your attic and free it from mold. For some knowledge, you can visit https://www.puremaintenanceal.com/post/is-mold-in-the-attic-dangerous. They can safely remove mold from this corner and also guide you about proper maintenance to prevent this situation from occurring again.

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