What do you need to know to start tailoring your own clothes


everyone else makes due.

Both of these are wrong on a longitude of accounts.

The first and quickest one to dispute is that not every 20th century suit was tailored. People could still buy those from shops pre made to only vaguely fit them just like today.

The second being that you can absolutely tailor your own clothes if you wanted to and you should want to. Just like you can play Intertops poker bonus if you want to win some extra cash (wink – which you could use then to tailor your own clothes).

Clothes are designed to be worn all the time. That’s literally the point of them. You have to wear some sort of clothes all the time or society will probably reject you.

Then it would be reasonable to assume that you would then want those clothes to fit you well. This seems like a logical thing to look for in your clothes but somehow it’s still something most people can’t get.

For the majority of people, they go to stores and buy the clothes that big name box companies produce in their obscure sizes that usually don’t even fit that well.

Or in even worse situations you find clothes you would want to wear yet none of the stores sizes fit you.

Without tailoring these clothes are literally unwearable.

Tailoring your clothes (once you learn how) can take as little as twenty minutes and you have a perfectly fitting outfit.

That’s not the only reason to learn to tailor or sew either.


Almost all of the men’s fashion has avoided this plight but any woman should know what I’m going to say.

Woman’s clothes don’t have pockets. Or even worse, they do and they are either fake or too small to even fit your hand in.

There is no excuse for this. This is an abomination.

How are people supposed to carry things without a pocket? Carry a bag? Do you really want to be forced to carry around a bulky completely separate article just to hold things that could have easily fit into the clothes you’re already wearing without hassle?

But alas, you can’t. Unless you add them yourselves.

Learn a sewing machine

By technicality, you could do all your tailoring by hand. This might even be cheaper because you don’t have to invest in a sewing machine. But you will pay for it with your time and your energy.

A job that would take you ten, twenty minutes max on a sewing machine could easily take three hours if you try and do it by hand and check this out https://sewingmachinebuffs.com/how-to-unfreeze-a-sewing-machine/. That’s not even including how you probably won’t be able to produce as good quality a stitch as a sewing machine without a lot of practice.

The answer is simple. Just invest in a sewing machine.

The cost might seem steep at the beginning but just think, if you were going to go to a professional tailor to tailor all the clothes you are most likely planning on tailoring yourself.

Suddenly the sewing machine is quite cheap in comparison.

Of course, you could argue that with the amount of time you’re going to spend actually tailoring the clothes it probably is more expensive than sending your clothes to a tailor, but that’s only if you put value into your own time.

If you are reading an article on what you need to know to start tailoring your clothes then you are already probably fine with signing away some of your free time to work on some clothes.

On top of this, you don’t need to buy the most expensive sewing machine you can find.

While you might not want to get the cheapest one you can find, since a lot of quality of life features on sewing machines were added for a reason, you don’t need a super fancy one. Especially when you’re starting out.

Ones with hundreds of different stitches and an overwhelming amount of settings probably aren’t going to help you figure out an already mildly overwhelming device.

For basic clothes tailoring the basic few stitches every sewing machine has is going to be enough. Of course, things like buttonhole makers and other easy helpful features are great things to have when you need the thing, although this doesn’t mean you can’t make do without them.

Learning to sew at first on a machine takes practice. Learning how to control the speed and keeping it straight is easier said than done.

But once you get it down you can just start tailoring.

But how do you do that?

How to learn

The benefit of choosing a hobby that has been around for literally hundreds of years and used to be a commonplace skill in most households means there are a lot of materials you can look at to learn how to do it.

If you want to read there are countless books about every possible type of sewing method you could ever hope to use and more.

My recommended route is to just use YouTube. There are so many videos of every technique used nowadays and also some that no one uses that you will never need to worry about figuring out how a stitch or seam is done from diagrams again.

Just watch YouTube videos on what to do and everything will make a lot more sense.

You’ll also learn that to be honest sewing isn’t even that hard. Tailoring is even easier.

It’s all just learning how to pin and pull clothing so that it fits you instead of fitting the size the piece was created for just cause.

For obvious reasons you should start tailoring with the clothes, you care about least. It’ll mean when you make some inevitable mistakes not too much is lost.

But after that, you’ll be surprised how much better your clothes look with just a little bit of tailoring.


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