What Does CBD Feel Like Exactly? A Detailed Guide

CBD—a widely known chemical component in the marijuana plant, is gaining more and more momentum as we speak. Well, despite it originating from the marijuana plant, you’ll be surprised to know that it does not make you high.

Yet, you’re all probably aware that THC is the psychoactive component that alters your mind but, what about CBD? What does CBD feel like?

If you want to know, you’ve come to the right place! Below, you’ll discover what sensations CBD produces and other benefits that come from consuming it.

A Sense of Peace

Anxiety is becoming more and more popular these days, thanks to the hectic lives you’re leading. And the more anxiety you feel, the more it affects your life, even the most basic aspects of it, such as your sleep or appetite.

CBD can be a great aid for people who are coping with anxiety daily. It’ll help you feel lightweight as if a burden had been lifted off your chest. In other words, it’ll make you feel very relaxed, not high.

Reduced Pain and Inflammation

A lot of people turn to CBD-based products to find pain relief or to reduce inflammation. For example, people who suffer from chronic diseases that cause frequent pain, such as arthritis or gastrointestinal issues, can find relief from their symptoms by consuming CBD.

Better Sleep

People who have taken CBD regularly have reported getting better quality sleep at night. Because it helps reduce anxiety, it leads to slowing down a racing mind. Next thing you know it, you’ve stopped tossing and turning in bed and have deeply drifted off into sleep.

More Focus

CBD helps increase your sense of inner peace as well as a quiet mind. A quiet mind means not feeling overwhelmed or experiencing information overload. This, in turn, gives you a clearer mind which makes it ten times easier to remain focused on whatever task you’re doing.

What Are the Benefits of Taking CBD?

It’s more than clear by now that CBD does not cause that “high” effect. Now that you know what exact sensations it produces, it’s time to look at other health benefits from taking CBD.

Helps With Epileptic Symptoms

Research has revealed that epileptic patients have shown a massive improvement after taking CBD over several weeks. Despite the positive results that studies have demonstrated, it’s still unknown as to why CBD plays a role in controlling epileptic seizures.

Helps Ease Chemotherapy Side Effects

Patients who receive chemotherapy have to deal with a number of unwanted side effects, the most common being vomiting and nausea. However, because of the way CBD interacts with the serotonin receptors, it’s proven to help ease nausea and vomiting symptoms.

Improves Specific Skin Conditions

One of the great components of CBD that is beneficial for your health is its anti-inflammatory property. Many inflammatory-related skin disorders can improve by treating it with CBD, such as atopic dermatitis or ance.

Possible Side Effects of CBD

Because CBD is a natural component, it rarely ever causes any negative side effects. However, some people do react differently to CBD, making them experience minor yet, unpleasant side effects.

Reduced Appetite, Dry Mouth, and Diarrhea

Some people may experience diarrhea, dry mouth, or a reduced appetite. You may experience these symptoms at a very low level at the beginning, and they usually subside as your body gradually gets used to it. Yet, if these side effects persist after you’ve been consuming for a while, then you should stop and speak with your doctor.

Drowsiness and Fatigue

CBD does minimize the fight or flight response in your body and causes a relaxing and calm sensation. Now, if you’re used to living with high levels of stress and cortisol, then a reduction might make you feel drowsy and fatigued. That’s mainly due to your body forgetting how to function without the high adrenaline levels.

Your body does get used to it over time and eventually will adjust to your new state of mind.

Medication Interactions

Despite CBD being 100% natural, it can interact with certain pharmaceuticals, such as antidepressants, steroids, blood thinners, or antibiotics. If you’re taking prescription medication, you should first speak with your doctor before consuming CBD.

What to Look For in CBD Products?

There are loads of brands and labels out there that sell CBD-based products. Yet, the two main words you should keep in mind are: full or broad-spectrum. Why?

Full or broad-spectrum CBD-based products are more organic and less processed. This allows you to fully experience the health benefits of CBD.

Ways to Take CBD

Smoking CBD is the most popular way to consume it, mainly because it’s the method that allows you to experience effects within a few minutes. However, Vaping is also popular, either using a vape cartridge or a disposable. Click on this link if you’re asking yourself, “What is the difference between a vape cartridge and a disposable?

You also can take CBD through edibles, such as gummies. Edibles are usually a great way to consume CBD if you’re trying to avoid savoring the weed-like flavor. Even though edibles tend to be the yummier alternative, effects take about 2-3 hours to kick in.

What Does CBD Feel Like? Now Answered!

You now know the answer to, “what does CBD feel like?” so it’s time to test it out! If you’re concerned about experiencing “high” effects, then time to stop worrying and start trying! Just make sure your health professional gives you the green light before introducing CBD into your daily consumptions.

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