What does it mean to use a solar permit expediter?


Using renewable energy is a great way to build the public appearance of your business, improve productivity, and ensure long-term benefits. If you are using fossil fuels, eventually, our energy source will run out – not to mention, you are digging yourself a hole with the public relations industry.

Instead, using renewable resources ensures the public likes your company, you use environmentally-friendly measures at work, and your energy is constantly powering your company without any glitches or drops in productivity yet.

However, if you are using renewable energy in certain states, you need to ensure that you are following the guidelines and rules. Just like anything else in a company, building, or residential space, you need to make sure your renewable energy resource passes local permitting and inspections for your city – such as New York City.

Solar permit services – what is local solar permitting?

Before a business or residential complex can install solar energy in their building, they need to meet various laws, requirements, and guidelines to ensure they are cooperating with government rules. The system owner, whether of the business or residential complex, needs to make sure they check off each step of the permitting process.

Depending on the size of the state, the strictness of the local government, the type of system, and the permitting rules, the entire process can take an extremely long amount of time. If you are a solar permitter in New York, for example, you need to follow local and state guidelines before installing residential or commercial systems.

Including the price of permits, inspection, and appliances needed, businesses will still save astronomical amounts of money when compared to non-renewable energy resources to power their company. For example, studies have shown that solar energy reduces overhead business costs, while the permitting procedure itself for residential systems can reduce costs by billions of dollars!

Read about solar permit services to educate yourself!

When looking at solar permit services in New York, building owners and residential complexes will benefit from using various resources to educate themselves before starting the inspections and permitting process.

  • Try using external resources and online websites, such as Vote Solar Initiative, to help you plan your solar permitting program, find the most expensive or inexpensive US cities for permitting, and the permitting information concerning your specific county or city.
  • Read The Solar Foundation to learn about their new work with companies around the globe, helping create a standard for the solar permitting system that makes it seamless to use local solar permit services in your area.
  • Read the U.S. Department of Energy’s articles on solar power in your community, learning how to educate your neighbors and create a more effective permitting process in your local area.


Learning about local solar permit services is essential to getting your feet off the ground as a business or residential building. To better educate yourself on the way to proceed with permitting services, doing some research on your end regarding the local laws and regulations, like that in New York, can help you streamline the process.

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