What Famous New York Brands Everyone Can Afford?


New York is a place that is known for its magnificence, breathtaking sites, varieties of numerous things and accessibility. Whenever you get a chance to visit that fabulous place you are absolutely likely to go for shopping to purchase the best of the city that it has to offer. Visitors are always attracted to the grandeur of the city and are likely to purchase as many things for them as many they can.

At the same time, one is always supposed to keep one’s budget in mind before going out to avail the taste of shopping, particularly in the New York City. Everything has a price according to its splendor and quality. The world’s best quality stuff and highest brands are featured in New York city. The general rule is evidently clear worldwide i.e. Greater the quality, greater the cost price.

However, there is no need to get frustrated and hopeless about the situation. You do not need to be a multimillionaire to avail the luxury of shopping there. There are numerous varieties in the affordability and accessibility of almost everything for the general masses to avail and enjoy.

There are a number of brands available that are amazingly economical for almost everyone. There are abundant brands of numerous things including clothes, footwear, accessories, cosmetics and several other artifacts that can captivate anyone with their rich style and quality stuff.

In the following, a list of economical stores and finest brands is given that one can find in the city of New York conveniently to avail the fine taste of purchasing different varieties of their choice.

1. Bloomingdales Outlet

This place is one of the inexpensive outlets that offers great discount on numerous varieties. They are also known as Bloomies and are regarded as the most fashionable stores located in Manhattan with its flagship location in the city of New York.

Different brands of clothing, shoes and other accessories are easily available with the discount rate of 25% to 50%. Classic men’s collection, women collection, finest housewares, and designer handbags are quite famous shopping items that are conveniently available at cheap prices in these stores.

Apart from that, there are multi lingual receptionists in these stores’ premises. They are there to make sure that the communication is successfully and smoothly carried out. It is done to facilitate all the visitors from different backgrounds with different speaking languages. These receptionists are supposed to help them in understanding and comprehending the services about the products, packages and deliveries and store policies etc.

2. Nordstrom Rack

This is also one of the inexpensive places that offer the best at affordable prices. There is a significant discount up to forty percent that one can avail there for mid-range brands like BCBG, Michael Kors, and Ella Moss etc. They offer branded stuff for men, women and children that make it one-stop shop for the whole family.

Nordstrom Rack has its stores in three locations that can be conveniently accessed by visitors i.e. in Downtown Brooklyn, in Midtown and Union Square. Almost everything is available at their stores. You can easily purchase almost everything of your need from clothing, shoes to other trendy accessories.

3. Century 21

This is probably the most favorite and preferred place by most of the visitors to avail fine brands within their budget. The gigantic store has to offer numerous brands in several varieties including YSL, Lanvin, Marni and Rebecca Taylor etc. All of these fine brands are priced with the discount up to 70% off.

The place is likely to be crowded most of the times, therefore if you are uncomfortable with handling crowded settings than you are advised to visit the store in early mornings and mid-afternoons. At these times, the store is likely to be peaceful than the other timings.

Century 21 owns stores at many locations including in Manhattan’s Financial District and the other in Brooklyn and in Queens.

4. Line and Label

It is one of the economical places in New York that offers the varieties of clothes in affordable prices. Their clothes are made locally. The place is also comprised of some costly stuff but overall it is not a bad place to go for shopping with fewer budgets. One can easily purchase different varieties of tops, tees and some other accessories within the range of a hundred dollars.

5. Pema

This boutique is located in Williamsburg which offers clothes at quite affordable prices. The place has some of the most fashionable items to offer that can hardly be ignored by anyone. Jewelry, Chic clothing, and many other accessories are available in abundant varieties at extremely affordable prices.

6. Necessary Clothing

Fashionable stuff known for its fine style make this place perfect outlet for shopping. The best part is, almost everything can be availed in under 50 dollar-range and that too without any hectic department store fuss.

7. Flirt

This store among most of the inexpensive stores is quite budget-friendly. It is because locally made dresses, blouses and coats are displayed for general customers including other things including tees, bathing suits and trendy accessories. Most of these varieties can be availed in under hundred-dollars budget.

An Image Displaying Women in Happy Mood with their Shopping Bags.

8. Bash and Bow

This is yet another best option to avail the cheaply priced stuff like off the shoulder dresses, jackets, and grommet-studded pants. These varieties are priced for less than 50 dollars. It is possible for you to double guess the price of these fine varieties.

9. L Train Vintage

This store is known by several names like No Relation Vintage, Village Style and vice versa, and is popular throughout the city. It offers some of the best items of best inexpensive brands for both men and women. Even some of the varieties of Jackets are available for only 5 dollars.

10. Think Closet

The store is located at Wendy Chung and is comprised of chain of shops that offers funky and trendy varieties at mid-range prices for the general masses. This store has a lot to offer that eventually makes it an ideal place for inexpensive shopping that anyone can go for. The plus point about the place is, all the varieties are also curated from Korea, Japan and Hong Kong that further enhances the uniqueness form all to avail.

11. Housing Works Thrift Stores

Housing works is the ideal place among all other inexpensive stores because it contributes its profit in helping the poor homeless people and particularly those inflicted with AIDS. Classic brands are available here for people like Gucci, DVF and Givenchy etc. the place bears an additional best attributes of charity along with inexpensive items.

12. Primark

Primark is UK fashion brand that is also available in the city of New York. It has to offer some of the cheapest items of several brands. One can even purchase a pair of shoes only for 12 dollars. You can easily do tons of shopping there without getting empty on your low budget even.

13. INA

This is one of the most reliable consignment shops in the city of New York. The shop is in business since 1993. The shop maintains its finest standard by accepting only highest quality stuff that is offered for resale. One can easily find all the trendy brands like BALLY, Stella McCartney, Pucci, and Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy.

The store is flooded with trendiest and funkiest designer clothes, shoes and accessories of several kinds. INA stores are also located in Union Square and Chelsea. Furthermore, it also includes separate stores for both men and women at Nolita.

14. Beacon’s Closet

Clothes of vintage and modern style, shoes and other accessories that are top trending are cheaply available at the Beacon Closet stores. The place takes great pride in its finest items that are extremely sustainable. It offers almost every brand that one can desire to avail. The different brands that it has to offer range from Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors, Neiman Marcus to Patagonia.

15. J. Maxx

This store is well known for its branded sales at most economical prices. These stores purchase all the oversupplied items of the finest brands and hence they are able to sell these finest brands at cheaper prices. The different items of the highest brands that are available in these stores range from clothes, shoes, and other accessories to skincare products, cosmetics, sportswear and home décor. They have numerous locations in the city of New York and therefore can easily be spotted by the visitors.

16. Marshalls

Marshalls have several stores throughout the city locations. Their stores offer mid-range designer clothes, footwear of all kinds and accessories with maximum discounts.

17. Woodbury Common Premium Outlet Mall

Woodbury Common Premium Outlet Mall can be easily accessed from anywhere of the New York city. The place offers you limitless shopping prospects that cover almost every fashionable item for men, women and children. Overall 250 stores are there to offer you the best quality stuff at best cheapest price.

In the following, all the brands are listed which are available at Woodbury Common Premium Outlet stores with the juicy discount of 25% to 65%:

  • Arc’Teryx
  • Burberry
  • Dolce and Gabbana
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Jimmy Choo
  • LululemonAthletica
  • Adidas
  • Barneys New York Warehouse
  • Coach
  • Fendi
  • Givenchy
  • Kate Spade New York

18. Macy Herald’s Square

Macy is not only regarded as fashion institution rather it is considered to be an American Icon. It represents one of the world’s largest stores. Almost all different kinds of varieties are available in these stores with considerable discounts on their prices.

19. Loehmann’s

These shopping stores are equally famous among visitors and the locals as well. They even offer discount of 30% to 65% on designer clothes. Some of the prominent brands that are available at these stores are as follows:

  • Michael Kors
  • Juicy Couture
  • Marc Jacobs
  • French Connection
  • Betsey Johnson
  • Kate Spade

Owing to its remarkable varieties with juicy discounts on highest brands, these stores are likely to be crowded with people and garments all the time.

A Close-up Picture of Hanging Clothes Featured for Sale in Store.

20. Cosmetic Market

Generally, high quality cosmetic products are likely to be expensive but not in Cosmetic Market. All the oversupplied and extra products after the promotion of several products are offered at Cosmetic Market with cheaper rates. Apart from cosmetic products, the store also includes other items and products like snacks, European chocolates, picture frames, candles, and various other miscellaneous things.

21. Fishs Eddy

If you are in New York and wandering for best yet inexpensive kitchenware and flatware, then Fishs Eddy is the best place. They have a huge variety of stuff including both old-fashioned and contemporary trends.

In these stores, different items are offered at reasonable prices, however, the range of discount is not much likely for its visitors and locals.

22. Leekan Designs

These stores are famous for offering imported ethnic arts for affordable prices. They import these ethnic artifacts from different countries all over the world. These countries include Afghanistan, China, Morocco, India, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea etc. These artifacts include African beads, hand-made jewelry, décor, and other housewares. All of these items are offered at reasonable prices, however the possibility of discount on these relics is likely to be minimum.

23. The Mills at Jersey Gardens

The Mill at Jersey Garden is also among the list of inexpensive sale houses. They are managed by the same company that manages Woodbury Common Premium outlet. In these stores, popular American brands are featured at low prices like Coach and Michael Kors etc.

24. DSW

DSW is an abbreviation of Designer Shoe Warehouse. Numerous varieties of brands are featured in these stores that include Converse, Vans, Sketchers, Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson, and many other. In these stores, you can easily find all the kinds of footwear from sandals and heels to sneakers, and boots. They are featured for sale at the price 30 Dollars or a little bit more than that price. In a nutshell, if you are looking for some finest shoes in New York then DSW is the place for you to go shopping.

25. Coach

Coach is regarded to be the top brand of America that is famous for its finest handbags, wallets, other leather goods and accessories.

A discount of 30% to 70% can easily be availed for this brand at any outlet malls. Almost the price for most of the items ranges from 15 to 25 dollars and the retail price occurs within the range of 100 USD.

26. Levi’s

This brand of clothing wear, particularly of jeans is quite expensive in other countries. However, in New York, especially in Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, Levis jeans are featured for sale with juicy discounts.

A Picture Displaying Stack of Jeans Arranged by Color.


The city of New York is well developed and is full of varieties and style. Undoubtedly, the chance of inflated price is likely to be high. Nonetheless, there are ways and channels to avail the best quality product at affordable prices with great discounts. Almost all of the prominent brands have been mentioned and discussed to enhance the understanding and knowledge of inexpensive shopping in the expensive city of New York that can be availed by everyone.

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