What Is a 100% Commission Split? How Real Estate Commission Splits Work


The concept of “100 commission real estate brokerage split” was first invented and implemented in the United States. The basis of the concept of “100% commission split” is the complete independence of real estate specialists who work for themselves, have the status of a Partner of the company, and do not share an administrative cost with other Partners. With such a system of work, the level of success that a Partner can achieve is limited only by their abilities, perseverance, and efficiency, and not by any restrictions that exist in traditional agencies operating in the real estate market. And 100 commission real estate CardinalMiami.com helps brokers get much more results.

Why Choose 100 Commission Real Estate Miami?

A person who has decided to become a broker in a real estate agency needs to clearly understand what goals he or she pursues and what results they want to achieve. It is not a big deal to get a job as a broker in a real estate agency. Almost every one of them always requires a new employee. The question is what is the best place to work as an agent in order to realize my goals? The answer is simple — it is the luxury Cardinal agency in Florida!

Here are a few agency criteria that a job seeker pays attention to:

  • The status and prestige of the company, its license
  • Willingness to pay a good % of each deal
  • Confidence in the further development of the client base
  • Mentoring from a more experienced colleague
  • Authoritative leadership

Still, sometimes what is written in a broker’s vacancy announcement doesn’t always correspond to reality. A fixed fee during the internship, work with ready-made advertising, a comfortable workplace —this is often just a marketing ploy. In reality, everything looks different: an office where everyone silently works and no one is happy to spend time teaching a newbie. But this is not about the commercial Cardinal agency that offers 100 commission real estate Miami.

What the company offers its staff:

  • Client and object databases. The agency provides its new employee with a ready-made base in Miami.
  • 100 commissions real estate. And this applies not only to experienced realtors. It is also about workers who start their successful realtor careers and show good results from the very beginning.
  • Mentor support. Such a large company as Cardinal has a mentoring system. A mentor is assigned to each new employee. This is a colleague with extensive experience and who can help in solving any issue.
  • Education system. This is one of the main points in employment. The Cardinal company often conducts training, discusses various topics with the staff, teaches its employees, does re-certification of workers, and uses new programs for this. The agency understands that the more a company invests into training, the faster employees will show results.
  • Nice team. Cardinal understands that employees spend a sufficient amount of time at work and the atmosphere is very important. Therefore, the company has a friendly team where everyone is happy to see each other.

So, summarizing the above on the 100 real estate commission topic, we can answer your question: which real estate agency is better to work in? It should be the agency with a good location, a good payment system, compulsory training and advanced training, and so on. The Cardinal company is one of the best in the real estate market. So, it is waiting for you!

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