What Is a Convection Microwave? Are They Worth the Money?


When thinking about cooking, some of us get upset when thinking about all the preparation you have to do, the dishes, and the actual cooking process. But when you have a microwave, everything can be so much easier.

So if you’re mulling over which microwave to buy, our suggestion is to find the cheapest microwave oven combo so that you can prepare and heat your meals faster than you did before.

What is a Convection Microwave, and how does it work?

We all know that microwaves can reheat our food, but there is one bonus when you use a convection microwave.

A convection microwave can be defined as a combination of both a microwave that heats your food using microwaves and an oven that can cook, bake or roast your meal using hot air with a fan that circulates the air inside the device.

How does it work?

Unlike regular ovens that heat your meal from a single direction, the convection microwave cooks your food using microwaves and a fan that helps the air circulate, and it warms up the water molecules inside of your food.

The convection microwave has a minimum of two modes; the first one works like the regular microwave to reheat your meal. The second mode is cooking. It transforms your traditional microwave into a convection oven that distributes heat equally within the device using a heat source and a fan.

For this reason, a convection microwave allows you to use cooking methods that are not possible with a regular microwave, such as roasting or baking. Convection microwave will enable you to switch between two modes to cook, bake or roast, defrost or even grill your favorite meal without having to use a regular oven.

If you roast a chicken in a convection microwave, it will still be cooking after taking it out.

Because the convection microwave uses a fan to distribute the air inside, the hot air will still be inside of the chicken even after taking the chicken out of the oven; therefore, you should put the chicken to rest for a few minutes before cutting it.

Because a convection microwave uses a fan that circulates the heat all around, your meal will be juicier and softer than a meal cooked in a regular oven.

How to use a convection microwave?

If you’re a newbie in cooking, these tips on how to use a convection microwave may come in handy:

  • First things first, you need to plug the microwave into a socket.
  • Put the desired mode on
  • If you’re using a convection mode, you should preheat the microwave first
  • If you’re using a regular way on you can put your meal inside before preheating it
  • Wait for your meal to reheat, bake, roast or cook
  • Take the meal out of the convection microwave and enjoy your meal!

It’s not that hard to use a convection microwave. You just have to get used to it and all of the functions that it has.

Why is a convection microwave better than a regular one?

We can discuss many things on this topic, but let’s talk about the main benefits of the convection microwave.

2 in 1 device– The first one is that the convection microwave works as a 2 in 1 product; it is a regular microwave, but with just one click, it can work like a convection oven too.

It is small and compact– The convection microwave is relatively smaller than a regular oven, and it is a microwave too. Hence, it is perfect for small kitchens and apartments that do not have space for both the oven and the microwave.

Faster cooking- Because the air circulates through your dish, it heats up or cooks your dinner faster than a regular oven. Therefore it saves your time spent in the kitchen.

It’s economical- Since your food will be done faster, it will save your money too, as it will stay on shorter than a regular oven.

Better taste- Again, when you cook your meal in a convection microwave, the air does not go out. It stays inside of the device. The hot air is flowing evenly through your meal so the smells and the flavors stay within your meal, making it moist and delicious.

Works as a defroster- With only one press of a button, you can evenly defrost your frozen meal and cook it on the same device.

There are plenty more options for using your convection microwave, and if you choose the right one, you won’t regret buying it.


If all you’re working with is just a few square feet in your kitchen, getting a convection microwave might be the answer for you since they don’t occupy much space and are pretty much easy to use.

With all that being said, having a convection microwave can be a pretty good option.

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