What is Art Deco Interior Design?


If you love The Great Gatsby and are a lover of a good geometric pattern, an Art Deco Interior Design would definitely fit your taste. An Art Deco style is known for its bold geometric patterns, rich colors, and luxurious detail works. It has been here for several years, and until now, the Art Deco style still captures the hearts of people with its glitz and glamour. 

The Definition and History of Art Deco Interior Styles

Art deco is the shortcut of Arts Décoratifs, a French term that means Decorative Art. This type of style emerges with different cultural discoveries and evolving technology. When talking about Art Deco styles, you’ll immediately think of grand decorations, sophistication, style, and symmetry. 

In an Art Deco Style, no decor or design is too fancy, too much, or too weird – everything suits well in the place. You can combine parquet flooring with bold animal print rugs like that of a tiger or zebra. You may also paint your space in a vibrant jewel tone combined with beautiful metallic accents to add a bit of character and drama to the room. The contrasting colors and the extravagant details of the room make an Art Deco Interior Design beautiful. 

Before the Art Deco Style became popular, this design had been around for many years. It first started to emerge in the industry around 1908, but it only rose to popularity after World War I. 

But it was not until the 1920s to the 1930s that the Art Deco Style boomed in the industry. The Art Deco style has been through the power of the 1920s, the Depression in the 1930s, and the global conflict that happened in the 1940s. However, it eventually got lost in the limelight towards the end of World War II when modern art styles started to emerge. 

The Art Deco style is slowly making a comeback through several period pieces and other production of this unique and legendary style loved by many. And if you are one of the people who love a fair share of the Art Deco style in the interior of your space, then here are the things you need to take note of to achieve the Art Deco Interior Design you want. 

Characteristics of Art Deco Interior Design

Before decorating your home, you first need to know the characteristics of an Art Deco Interior Design. Knowing these characteristics will help you determine what and what not to do while decorating your space. 

An Art Deco design highlights the use of contrasting colors, which promotes self-expression. What’s nice about this style is that it is flexible and limitless. An Art Deco style works well with luxury and extravagance with a combination of elegance. 

One important characteristic of an Art Deco style is the varying color palette. You can use solid colors, geometric shapes, patterns, or chevrons when designing an Art Deco room. You may also incorporate beautiful wooden pieces, pearls, or metallic decors to finish the look of your space.

Elements of Art Deco Interior Design

According to professional interior designers, an Art Deco style is characterized by creating an impact or delivering a message through your space’s architecture and interior designs. Knowing more about Art Deco Interior Design elements is essential to achieving your desired look for your space. So here are some points to remember to get that Art Deco style for your home. 


luxury new york style living room

Contrasting striking and bold colors characterize an Art Deco interior design. These bold colors are usually accentuated using monochromatic colors like black, chrome, or high-shine silver accents. 

  • Combine bright and vivid colors with monochromatic ones to show contrast. 
  • If you want neutral main colors, blacks, beiges, creams, grays, and whites look good and are perfect for an Art Deco style. 
  • To accentuate, choose colors that complement or contrast your main color. For instance, a main beige color works well with vibrant jewel colors like amethyst purple, emerald green, golden yellow, ruby red, and sapphire blue. 
  • If you want a more luxurious and extravagant look, brass, chrome, gold, and silver metallic accents also work wonders. 


An Art Deco interior design is also characterized by exotic animal prints. You may add animal print rugs on wooden floorings to add a bit of character to your home. Homeowners and designers also like using sharkskin and zebra skin fabrics. But aside from these, upholstery fabrics like leathers and velvets are also commonly used in an Art Deco interior design. 

Make sure to avoid flowery or plaid designs and fabrics. Instead, use solid colors and fabrics with geometric designs and patterns. 


bathroom with black and white tiles

An Art Deco interior design wouldn’t be completed without the elegant-looking black and white tiled flooring. The black and white tiles are perfect for the bathroom, hallways, and kitchen areas. You may also use bright and shiny lacquered or wood parquet flooring, which are stunning and would work well with the Art Deco style. 

Parquet floors or wooden floorings with a sunburst-shaped design are already elements of Art Deco interior design. You may also use checkered or cubed flooring patterns combined with optical illusion designs. Lastly, add incredibly huge rugs in exotic animal prints or bold geometric designs and patterns to complete your flooring design. 


If you want to achieve an Art Deco interior design, make sure you have unique furniture pieces. Furniture in this style is usually huge, has a streamlined silhouette, and does not have complicated or intricate details and designs. 

You may also add large sideboards, armoires or movable cabinets, and chairs that are large in scale, a usual decor during the popularity of the Art Deco style in the 1920s. Huge pearl decors and tortoiseshell-patterned inlays would also look good in your space. 


mini glass chandelier

One of the best ways to incorporate the Art Deco style into your space is through lighting fixtures during the said period. Light fixtures from the 20s to early 50s are characterized by bold geometric shapes and symmetrical patterns and designs. These light fixtures contain more intricate details than all the other elements of an Art Deco interior design. 

Light fixtures of the Art Deco style are usually the following:

  • Clean and simple-looking fixtures with modern aerodynamic lines and subtle silhouettes with little detailing. 
  • Lighting fixtures that are made of etched glass with elongated shapes like skyscrapers. 
  • Fan-shaped shades that conceal the lighting bulbs. 


The accessories are the last element that would complete the look of your Art Deco-styled home. Even small details, such as fittings, could make a difference in how your space looks like. Choose door handles, light fittings, and switch panels that look or are inspired by the Art Deco period. 

You may also add huge mirrors, especially ornate ones, to make your space look larger and more Art Deco-styled home. You can also look for Art Deco-styled artworks or prints and patterns, which you can hang on your walls, and figurines and vases to add elegance to your Art Deco design home.

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