What is Battle Royale? A new format from GGPoker

We can hardly ignore it these days, Battle Royale Poker. At GGPoker, Battle Royale Poker can be played with different buy-ins. Every tournament has the same special tournament structure. Whether you are used to playing in land-based casinos or if you prefer to enjoy playing in non GamStop casinos  at Thegamepoint.io, you will find this game very interesting and fascinating for you.

Battle Royale Poker

Number of players 30
Buy-in $0.25 – $10.00
Number of phases 3
Final table players 5
Poker variant Hold’em + Bounty

In June 2021, GGPoker already introduced this new variant of a Sit ‘n Go tournament in other countries. Battle Royale is a 30-player bounty tournament and it is completed in three different phases.

In the first phase, the Rush variant is played, where you go straight to a new hand when you discard your cards. You can play as many hands as you want until half of the playing field is eliminated. The remaining fifteen players are then split up on five tables for the second phase of the tournament.

Each table continues until there is one winner left. A shoot-out lasts a maximum of five minutes. When the five minutes are up before there is a winner, all players automatically move all-in until there is one player with all the chips.

The winners of each table qualify for the final table. They are also directly involved in the money. At the final table, they play in normal tournament format until a winner is crowned.

Battle Royale Poker Number of players Phase ends at Time limit
Phase 1: Rush 30 15 players left 15 minutes
Phase 2: Shootout 15 5 players left 5 minutes
Stage 3: Final Table 5 Winner No


The tournaments start automatically when there are 30 registered players. There are four different levels in which the tournament can be played. Battle Royale is therefore poker for every player, including those who prefer to play micro-tournaments. The tournaments are available with the following buy-ins:

  • $0.25 ($0.06 bounty)
  • $1.00 ($0.25 bounty)
  • $3.00 ($0.75 bounty)
  • $10.00 ($2.50 bounty)

Battle Royale Poker is a progressive bounty tournament. This means that players will be compensated for knocking out another player. In addition, the bounty of the player who eliminates someone increases. That way, the bounties get higher as the tournament progresses. This makes it more and more interesting to eliminate players, because that way extra money can be earned. Each player’s bounty is listed above the player’s nickname.

Battle Royale Poker Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Battle Royale tournament is played in the Rush variant. The players play for a maximum of fifteen minutes, until a top fifteen remains. In the event that after fifteen minutes there are more than fifteen players left, the fifteen players with the highest number of chips will advance to phase two. The bets of the eliminated players will be added to the prize pool.

In the Rush variant, players can fold before their actual turn to go straight to a new table. So there is constant matchmaking at new tables. During the entire tournament there are bounties to be earned by eliminating players. Each player starts the first phase with 1,000 chips and a bounty of $0.06 – $2.50, depending on the buy-in.

If a player is eliminated, the player who wins the hand earns the entire bounty amount associated with the eliminated player. In addition, his own bounty is increased, with half of the bounty just earned.

Aggressive play is rewarded in Battle Royale Poker. Should players have the same stacks at the end of phase 1, the player with the most knockouts will finish higher. Is that number the same? Then the number of hands played is decisive.

Battle Royale Poker Phase 2

In Phase 2 of Battle Royale Poker, the remaining fifteen players are split over five tables. The chips from Phase 1 are taken to the table in Phase 2. There is a maximum of five minutes of play in Phase 2. Players benefit from completing Phase 2 as quickly as possible. Players who are the first to win from Phase 2 will have a better place at the final table in Phase 3.

After five minutes, not all players may be eliminated. This is enforced by the game through an All-in Mode. From then on, all players are required to move all-in each hand until one player remains. The player who remains qualifies for the final table and from that point on knows for sure that he or she is in the money.

Battle Royale Poker Phase 3

In the final phase, the players are in the money (ITM). The players are therefore certain that they will win an amount of the prize pool (not counting bounties). However, most players will not do it for the money from the prize pool.

In such a progressive bounty tournament, eliminating opponents is often more lucrative. That is also the case here and at the final table the bounties are of course at their highest. The player who eventually remains receives a considerable amount, because the winner also receives his own bounty. This can make the first prize quite high.

Prize Structure Battle Royale Poker

Place Price
1 27.40%
2 27.38%
3 20.00%
4 14.58%
5 10.64%

Prize structure – 5% of the buy-in is rake.