What is CRM for Nonprofits?



An essential aspect of being a nonprofit is staying connected with people. CRM for nonprofits helps to create and keep a close, professional communication with donor lists and prospects.

Your nonprofit project has higher chances of fulfillment using CRM pre-installed templates of keeping donors, volunteers, and members engaged in project updates.

With lots of CRM for nonprofits on the market, it might be challenging to select one that best suits your workflow. I’ve created this article to show you the best CRM tools for nonprofits and their advantages.

6 Best CRM Tools for Nonprofits

1. NetSuite

NetSuite is a world-class CRM solution designed to offer the best management services for businesses, including nonprofits. This application is an ideal solution built with a host of cloud-based functions to facilitate Enterprise Resource Planning ERP, excellent HR, and service automation.

NetSuite’s customizable features allow you to tailor the CRM needs for nonprofits as you wish. Reach a significant number of audiences across the world with multi-lingual features and an omnichannel interface.

2. Bloomerang

If the goal is to reach, engage, and retain advocates for nonprofit organizations, Bloomerang has got you covered. The cloud-based application is built explicitly for donor management and aligned with principles of philanthropy.

Bloomerang consists of grant-tracking tools, data collection fields, and donor prospect management. With these data managed on Bloomerang, nonprofits can easily customize and reuse data to boost reach and maintain relationships.

This CRM software focuses its easy-to-use features on achieving better donation results and making the world a better place.

3. DonorPerfect

Upcoming nonprofits use DonorPerfect to conserve time and energy when interacting with donors. The most comprehensive CRM software for nonprofits includes managing contacts and donors, receiving donations, email lists, events and fundraisers, and donor feedback.

These services can be managed on a single DonorPerfect platform. If you ever get confused, there’s an excellent standby library to help you find your way around.

4. Kindful

For the most efficient fundraising tools, choose Kindful. It’s a powerful software for report tracking, recording transactions, and prompt customer service to approach donor management efficiently.

One exciting feature is its ability to integrate with other systems or tools nonprofits would like to work with.

5. Salesforce for Nonprofits

Salesforce has been at the forefront of technology when it comes to customer relationship management. Salesforce for Nonprofits was extended to create access to data, prompt communications, and knowledge.

Essentially, this CRM software uses advanced technology to provide connectivity solutions for nonprofits.

6. EveryAction

With the best SaaS solutions you can find, EveryAction answers its name. It was built to offer specific solutions to functions such as fundraising, donor interactions, reminders, and other digital needs for nonprofits.

With premium support from nonprofit experts, EveryAction will best satisfy your CRM needs.


Nonprofits can access better customer relationship management with the right tools. Although these CRM tools are excellent in the delivery of customer service and technology, focus on the best option for your nonprofit organization.

It’s time to take nonprofit operations to an automated level of service.

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