What is Cuemath Program?

Cuemath Program is an online maths teaching program. It was founded in the year 2013. It teaches mathematics from class KG to class 12th. It focuses on advanced teaching skills and helps students to clear their doubts very well. It helped many students to achieve their goals and improve academic performance. Cuemath program makes mathematics fun and exciting which helps students to understand and clear their concepts.

What do you Understand by Simple Interest Formula?

Simple interest is a method to calculate the interest on a principal sum of money.

Whenever we take a loan from a bank or other, they take interest according to the time and rate. Simple Interest is the way through which we know how much interest we are going to pay for a certain amount of money.

The simple Interest formula helps us to find the interest we are going to pay at the end of the period for which we have borrowed the money.

It is calculated as,


where, SI – stands for Simple Interest.

P – stands for the principal sum of

the money we borrowed initially.

R- stands for the rate

(in percentage) .

T –  time.

To calculate the total amount to be

compensated at the verge of the duration period is calculated by the formula,

Amount= Principal*SI.

For calculating SI when the period is given in n months is,


For calculating SI when the period is given in d days,


What are some of the Benefits a Learner will get from the Cuemath Program?

Many students find maths a difficult subject.

Cuemath increases the confidence level of students in solving and understanding mathematics easily.

It gives one-to-one interaction.

Cuemath is a math teaching program that uses a piked approach that attracts the students.

Those approaches include:

  • Math books and unlimited practice mock.
  • Aptitude
  • Creative reasoning.

These things increase the thinking capabilities of the students and help in the mental growth of students.

  • It provides unique learning methods.
  • If we want to understand a certain topic in that process it will teach us some extra things around them.

So we can get some extra knowledge other than our topic.

  • Cuemath also prepares students for the Olympiad exams as they have an Olympiad preparation pack. It contains practice papers, tests, and doubts-clearing sessions.

These are the benefits a learner will get from the cuemath program.

A Few Examples of Simple Interest Formula

Example 1:

Calculate the simple interest for the sum of money Rs.6000, the period is 2years and the rate is 10%.


According to the formula,

SI=P*R*T/ 100




So the simple interest at the end of the period will be Rs.1200.

Example 2:

Calculate the simple interest for the sum of money Rs.8000, a period of months,s and, the rate is 5%.


According to the formula when time is given in months,





So the simple interest at the end of the period will be Rs.300.

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