What is Modern Farmhouse Interior Design?


Farmhouse interior design has existed for a very long time, as the popular television program (HGTV) has increased its popularity. Perhaps you’ve seen modern farmhouse interior design elements on inspiration feeds and at local restaurants and pubs. The movement’s blend of rustic and slick styles is so fitting today.

Various designs are practical and easy to work on, like traditional interior, minimalist interior, and this modern farmhouse interior design. The modern farmhouse style is a beautiful and ideal combination of classic country aesthetics and simple contemporary design.

With so much going on in the world today, we desire a touch of the more comfortable, warm aspects that have been prevalent in interior design for some time.

If you’re trying to add a sense of warmth, individuality, and character with a bit of minimalism to your home, here are some tried-and-true interior design methods to incorporate.


a modern farmhouse bedroom interior, with cream colored beddings

It could stem from a newfound passion for all things organic and farm-fresh, a desire to disengage from reality during these heady times, or a general return to traditionalism in the interior design industry. You could also consider putting a column radiator as it gives more look to your farmhouse.

Whatever the reason, people simply cannot get enough. And for a good reason, since the modern farmhouse design style exudes a laid-back vibe that is warm and inviting without any trace of pretense — and it’s simple to duplicate.


Modern farmhouse decor

Since the current approach to modern farmhouse interior design is all about a low-key combination of stark minimalism and country chic components, this trend embraces individualism and freedom.

For the interior of a modern farmhouse, it’s all about a lively blend of old and new to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere. Keep things interesting with one-of-a-kind treasures, inherited heirlooms, and artful (not crafts) ornamental accents. One of the wreaths can be a great centerpiece. And combine eras and materials with recklessness so that the blend radiates with seductive characteristics and textural variations.  

Materials To Use

dining set

The core of modern farmhouse design is organic and natural materials. For a modern farmhouse kitchen, source a combination of industrial metals balanced by white marble worktops and a huge farmhouse sink.

By adhering to simple elegance, you can incorporate natural elements to create a modern farmhouse decor that is uniquely yours. And to emulate the everyday charm of modern farmhouse décor, choose matte finishes and low-shine materials to achieve a sense of well-balanced yet casually cool everyday elegance.

Use restraint

It is too simple to go overboard when implementing modern farmhouse interior design. We’ve witnessed many unfortunate, overbearing modern farmhouse interior design blunders. Perhaps it’s the lack of restrictions after decades of stringent design principles or the fact that you have several options to consider.

To avoid the dangers of overspending, exercise restraint and ask yourself what use something will serve in your home and how it will enrich it. And modify, delete, and reevaluate everything in a room so that it retains a natural sense and is pleasing to the eye.

Color Scheme

Take some notes from the clean Scandinavian style and keep neutral colors in modern farmhouse design to create calming contrasts with an eclectic assortment of decorative elements.

Bright optic white will highlight statement-making elements and serve as a basis for modern farmhouse design. 

Additionally, heavy farmhouse furnishings can make a tiny space feel even smaller and more crowded, but white walls and an abundance of mirrors and reflective surfaces can counterbalance this effect.

You may check some guide for picking the best colors for your windows and doors at home so you can decide which best suit your modern farmhouse.

Check The Effect Of Contrast

Mix high and low, old and new, to create a luxurious modern farmhouse interior that recalls a simple, laid-back aesthetic and understated luxury. Since modern farmhouse decor lacks traditional country motifs such as gingham, remember that less is more and edit wisely.

Utilize natural fibers

light colored blankets on a wooden table

Consider natural wood, linen, and hemp fabrics and finishes, as modern farmhouse style brings the outside inside. However, we recommend avoiding lucite, plastic, and anything else that is blatantly unnatural, as they will confuse the eye and are inconsistent with modern farmhouse interior design.

And try to locate as many organic and handcrafted items and accents as possible to maintain the vibe.

Look for unique fixtures

From weathered faucets to large pendant lights, you may use an infinite number of accents to complement the beauty of modern farmhouse design. Our interior designers generally recommend rustic sconces and dramatic light fixtures for modern farmhouse living room décor since they will also add a refined touch to one of your most used rooms.

But suppose that’s out of your budget, or you’re content with your already-used fixtures. In that case, you can easily modernize drawer and cabinet fronts with inexpensive and modern pulls and hardware inspired by farmhouse design.  


When you hear the word “farmhouse,” you may envision a typical rustic appearance, perhaps a bit cluttered and lacking a distinct design thread. Herein lies the significance of this style’s “contemporary” feature. 

The modern farmhouse is the current interpretation of the rustic style; everything is designed to ensure that you have all you need to continue living a modern life, albeit with a farmhouse accent. While country homes are gorgeous, this style takes our most cozy qualities from them and adds elegant details such as clean lines, brushed metals, and neutral color schemes.

However, don’t be afraid to incorporate challenging findings and unique pieces since all it takes is a little ingenuity and good placement to tie everything together without it appearing forced. In this manner, you can ensure that your area is as distinctive as you are.


a kitchen with wooden cabinets, interior plants

The kitchen is the ideal starting point for your modern farmhouse adventure. 

As the center of the home, the space’s natural warmth and sense of relaxation are appropriate for this style of design.

Moreover, since kitchens require many modern accessories, such as cooking appliances and white goods, you can begin your adventure by merging these with more classic accents.

Using sleek Shaker-type cabinetry with brushed metal handles, huge industrial light fixtures, and a large, raw wood dining table for family gatherings are further ways to incorporate the modern farmhouse design into a kitchen. Stick to current stainless steel for your appliances and avoid retro shapes and colors for your gadgets; otherwise, your home will appear more country farmhouse than modern.

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