What Is SMS Campaign And How To Set Up Your First Campaign?


Nowadays, it is hard to find a person that doesn’t have a phone. In fact, most people have the habit of regularly going through their phone and almost checking every notification that comes. 

The chances of watching a promotion message through SMS advertising are the highest compared to other media. Moreover, the SMS campaign is also very easy for setting up and sending notifications by using a valuable and well-performing service. 

In the following part of the article, we will talk briefly about what is SMS campaign and how to set up your first campaign. Also, see more and learn as we discuss how you can employ an effective mobile-led customer messaging service to cater to your target clients, which will surely boost your ROI. Keep Reading.

What Is SMS Campaign And How To Set Up Your First Campaign?

SMS campaign is an extremely useful technique for distributing information and influencing a large number of people. It gives the best outcome when combined with other advertising mediums, like e-mail or network drive.

Now let us talk about what is SMS campaign and how to set up your first campaign to give you a clear concept:

What Is SMS Campaign?

An SMS campaign is a text message that is typically sent to a significant number of receivers for advertising goals. Deals and varied offers related messages are the most famous SMS campaigns. 

It is a medium of commercial advertising that allows you to connect with your consumers through messages. Although it is similar to e-mail advertising, it is still more influential than e-mail messages. 

It is because people tend to use text messages for interaction with almost everyone. The key to an effective SMS promotion can be achieved by making your messages related, small, and customized for your viewers.

For an SMS campaign, you just need to make a promotion, select general viewers or a particular sector of receivers. And then, you need to send it to the selection list that you will create.

However, SMS marketing has some limits on images and character amount. Like you cannot exceed more than 160 words for a single message. But still, this advertising medium is faster and more efficient till now.

How To Set Up Your First SMS Campaign?

Before setting up your first SMS campaign, you need to find an SMS advertising provider. As you cannot send your SMS promotion through your phone. For that, you can take help from several SMS campaign tools. 

After creating an account, there are some steps that you need to follow for setting your first SMS campaign. It is written below:

Composing Message

You need to follow the below steps for composing your message:

  • At first, you need to select the promotion tag.
  • Pick the message.
  • Click on generate an SMS campaign.
  • Then enter the name of your promotion. It can be seen only by you; your receivers will not be able to see it.
  • Customize the name of the writer using up to 11 fonts.
  • Then add the writing of your message in the SMS message area. An SMS can have the highest 160 fonts comprising space and enter.  In case your message is more than 160 fonts, then it will go in parts with 160 in each.
  • Also, you can send your message for an SMS check after creating the SMS. But it is optional.

Picking The Target Viewers

The next step is choosing the contacts that you want to target via your messages. For that, you just need to select the contacts that you want by importing in the following ways:

  • You may choose several connections through the name or number. 
  •  You can also pick groups of collections via tags. 

Schedule Promotion

You can assess your promotion and personalize it before setting up your promotion. It depends on you when you want to schedule your campaign. Like, you can instantly send your SMS promotion or select a date and time when you want to promote in the future.

Note: The SMS campaign doesn’t permit sending promotion messages from 10 pm to 8 am. Hence, it is suggested not to send the promotion messages within this time. Otherwise, it may have a bad impact on your target viewers instead of influencing them.

Hence, these are the above steps that you can follow for setting up your first SMS campaign.


Hopefully, you have understood what is SMS campaign and how to set up your first campaign. Through an SMS campaign, you can connect more with your customers. 

And it is also an excellent technique for getting your item or service in the limelight. Hence, you must go for an SMS campaign to target more viewers for your business without further wasting any time.

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